APOLOGIES FOR THE ‘INCONVENIENCE’ (We’re Trying To Fix The World) #StayGrounded [The Occupied Sun]

By Anne Autonomous Anonymous
on behalf of the intersectional
movement for a saner world

History repeating itself…following the 3rd runway announcement (and other disastrous decisions), climate activism is buzzing around Heathrow airport 9 years after the last Heathrow Climate Camp..

We just passed the carbon tipping point and we’re also racing through the 2 degrees threshold. Our world’s so called ‘leaders’ have condemned the human race to death at the Paris climate conference charade.

We need to regroup.

It’s time for a climate camp reboot, to set up a #PeoplesClimateConference and start taking mass, worldwide action to save our planet’s life support system!

Today’s action marks the start of a new wave of mobilization and direct action to tackle climate change!

Sustainable future or Extinction? The choice is ours.. and it’s time to choose! TBC..

OS_APOLOGIESFORTHEINCONVENIENCE.png#COP21 #Extinction #SystemChange #Climate #SustainabilityNow #Degrowth #Divest #DeAdvertise #ClimateCampReboot #ClimateJustice #SolutionsNow




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