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Who Wants To Hunt a Billionaire? (TV Pitch)

Each week we kidnap a different billionaire and drop them on a deserted island with some basic survival tools. Our contestants then hunt and kill the billionaire.

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STOP Tweeting #Fashtags Challenge!

Next time you see an offensive #fashtag trending and feel compelled to comment on it, perhaps consider not using their offensive #fashtag.

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On Wolff, Chomsky, Anarchism and Occupy (Blog)

Are anarchists generally ‘disorganised’, or is that just The Left?

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Kieth Starmax

Fully expecting whoever’s doing the Labour party’s graphics to adopt this treatment unironically now…

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Beach Gammons Not Taking Covid Seriously

Inspired by Craig Whittaker’s comments.

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Forensic Haircut (3D self-portrait)

Inspired by that Kief Stormer, I decided it was time to try one of these sensible, forensic haircuts out.

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Kief Stormer and the Case of the Many Typos

Kieth was getting worried now. What did it all mean? He was scared by the strangeness. #Starmergeddon #StarmerOut #NeverStarmer

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Eat Out To Help Out The Spread of Covid-19

Hot on the heels of Super Spreader Saturday…

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The Kieth Steamer Hate Vortex is Growing Exponentially

Here in the United Kingdom of America, the conversation has turned once again to what the right wing media billionaires call “Leftist Infighting”

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This coming Saturday, 4th July is Super Spreader Saturday. Who’s dying to go to the pub?