Extinction Report: Headlines

Hello internet.

Everything’s going so batshit that I feel the need to do another shocking, current dystopic headlines round up, for my own sanity and for anybody else who’s paying attention to the collapse of objective reality and/or organised civilisation and/or all life on planet Earth.

Don’t forget there’s good stuff happening too but the scale of the converging shitstorms is quite overwhelming. Look away now if you’re feeling fragile. There’s no shame in practicing self-care when you need to.

Spoiler alert: it’s still pretty much all getting worse.

  • Everywhere is either burning, flooding or suffering other ‘natural’ disasters. killing people in unprecedented numbers worldwide. Lethal #ClimateChaos is accelerating, hydrological extremes are escalating. Corporate media and other pillars of power are acclimating people to accept this is an inevitable ‘new normal’. Heatwaves have destroyed so many crops across Europe that farmers have described it as a crisis threatening the availability of #AdequateFood.
  • Trump has openly threatened war with Iran who have basically responded with ‘come on then’. The Global Peace Index 2018 found last month that the global level of peace has deteriorated by 0.27% over the last year. This is the fourth successive year of deterioration.
  • The smear campaign against lifelong anti-racist and epitome of the struggle for equality of all faiths and none, incumbent PM, Jeremy Corbyn, has reached outrageous proportions. Torygraph churnalist has plumbed new depths of insensitivity and hypocrisy.
  • UK Gov. Plc has ‘given fracking the green light’.  Tina Louise Rothery, Maple Indie Media and others have been reporting a return to unnecessarily violent corporate policing of peaceful water protectors. ‘Protecting’ Cuadrilla from the peaceful #UnitedResistance has cost the taxperfunded public police at least £7million at Preston New Rd alone.
  • The toxic fossil fuel industry and their chums in corporate media have tried and failed to smear anti-fracking activists at Preston New Rd as paedophiles, grooming children.  The Torygraph has apparently STILL not yet retracted the pernicious false story, despite the grauniad now having retracted and published a corrected version. #DarkPR
  • The #NopeToArms Collective have welcomed the Design Museum’s “small step” ofcommitting ‘not to have any arms, fossil fuels and tobacco corporate hires in the museum for the period of time during which we undertake our review‘ but still intend to remove their work this Thursday.
  • Homelessness due to private rented sector evictions in the UK has increased by 600% since 2010. The European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) examined rising housing costs for the poorest people in society. It placed the UK second to last.
  • A coalition of members of the dental profession, dental charities and homelessness outreach organisations, have responded to that shitty grauniad article where the head of the British Dental Association, Mick Armstrong referred to homeless people as ‘no-hopers’. #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets
  • The ‘Hostile Environment’ has prevented international acts being able to perform at Womad festival, with some describing the visa process as ‘humiliating’.
  • Green Party of England and Wales co-leadership candidate, Jonathan Bartley says the Greens must ramp up non-violent direct action.
  • UK Gov. Plc are using children as #SpyCops.
  • Rumours are circulating that wikileaks founder Julian Assange is facing imminent extradition to torture land. Simultaneously, the US has suddenly bought up a shitload of Ecuadorian oil, apparently. Assange has become a contentious controversial figure because of the rape allegations which he refutes and more recently for allegations that he colluded with the Trump election campaign.
  • Proxy warmongering, death and suffering continuing worldwide, from Palestine to Syria.

There’s more and worse (and better) but that’ll do for now. Understandable confusion and hysteria is already spreading, I don’t want to make it worse. That’s not the point of monitoring and summarising these horrorshows.

It still looks to me like it’s going one of two ways. Utopia or Dystopia. All or nothing. WE can still influence the outcome. Network. Prepare. Do whatever you can. Be kind to yourself and excellent to each other.

If you’re able to stockpile #AdequateFood for yourself (and others), it might be a good idea. I doubt very much that the Tories will share theirs.

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The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction, particularly as corporate power invests so much pretending that it isn’t really happening…


Damage Report: 11th July, 2017.

The following is a roundup of just some of the last week’s extreme weather disasters from around the world. This article was created to help end climate change denialism and to persuade the fossil fuel industry and the Trumps of this world to put their resources towards mitigating the crisis rather than fuelling it.

While it’s technically easy to compile all this information, it’s emotionally traumatic to catalogue all the tragedy and suffering which is apparently escalating so dramatically. My condolences to all those directly affected. Whatever you’re doing to avert, or otherwise survive the sixth great extinction, stay strong and be excellent to each other.

It’s useful to be aware of how bad things are, but it’s equally if not more important to remember that there are solutions to these challenges which we should also be focusing on.

Please note: Some of these links are to dubious corporate media sources which Ann Narkeh Media would ordinarily boycott. However, taking the escalating ecological crisis seriously is an exception, because it is one of the many conversations which urgently need to be dragged into the public sphere. If they get clicks for significant, truthful coverage, it might persuade them to do more of it.

ALASKA: Bogoslof volcano has erupted again.

ANTARCTICA: 20,000 Sq mile Larsen C ice shelf expected to break off at any moment.*

CANADA: Ongoing, out of control BC wildfires have forced 14 thousand people and rising to evacuate. 29 new fires broke out over the weekend, bringing the total to 218 with many of these 0% contained. Meanwhile Saskatoon was flooded amidst damaging wind and ‘bullet like’ hail.

CHINA: 1.2 million evacuated, at least 56 people dead as over 60 rivers burst their banks in the South.

CZECH: Deploying drones to help search for abandoned drainage systems to fight third consecutive year of drought.

FRANCE: Many parts of the country including Paris have flooded again.

GREENLAND: Accelerating loss of ice sheet is main contributor to sea level rise.*

INDIA: Floods in Assam and across the North West claim over 25 lives. Situation ‘to worsen’.

ITALY: Drought and ‘a billion euros of agricultural damage‘.

JAPAN: Flooding forces thousands to evacuate. 500 people cut off from help. Deathtoll risen to 18.

KENYA: Drought is driving women and girls as young as 12 into sexual exploitation.

NIGERIA: Unprecedented, torrential rainfall and flash flooding has submerged much of the country and killed at least 18, so far.

NORTH KOREA: School hours have been limited so students can water crops to help fight drought.

PHILIPPINES: 6.5 Magnitude earthquake. At least two people dead, hundreds injured. This comes amidst flooding and landslides which has seen hundreds evacuated.

SPAIN: Relentless drought is making it difficult for plants and animals to survive.

S AFRICA: Dam levels ‘critically low‘ in ongoing Western Cape drought. Stricter water rationing being established.

US: Damaging winds,  flash flooding, hail across mid-west as the hydrological extremes of floods and drought conditions threaten the south while north-western wildfires consume at least 37 homes in North California with thousands evacuated.  Billion dollar weather disasters are at near record pace for the US in the first half of 2017. Disaster capitalists are gobbling up wheat amidst a drought in the Great Plains. (paywall)

UK: Flooding across the country, amidst +30C heatwaves.

This list is by no means comprehensive. You might also be interested in this report from the World Meteorological Organization, regarding the last two months of this “spell of exceptional global warmth” that has now lasted since mid-2015. This article offers another overview of the unprecedented heatwaves currently gripping the planet and their consequences.

*A study by Henry Patton, a researcher at The Arctic University of Norway warns that a similar collapse of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets at the end of the last ice age led to chaos across the European continent with floods forming ‘mega rivers’ that swept some of the continent (including the English Channel) clean, affecting the human habitability of the region.

The extinction symbol is intended to help raise awareness of the urgent need for change, in order to address the crisis.


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Extreme Weather Report, 1st July 2017

July 1st.

Massive A-B march and demonstration in London today to get the #ToriesOut.

Great turnout, atmosphere and rhetoric, with many speakers calling for more strikes, occupations and direct action. Well done to the thousands who turned out to support comrade Corbyn’s movement to occupy democracy.

Resistance continues at Preston New Road, Lancashire on day 124 of their rolling blockade against fracking idiots, Cuadrilla. All love and power to the brave protectors holding their ground to protect the UK’s drinking water.

Here’s some of today’s extreme weather from around the world;

Berlin and Moscow are both flooded.

Karachi is flooded.

Parts of New York are also underwater.

The heatwave plaguing South Eastern Europe has killed five in Bulgaria.

Unprecedented out of control wildfires in Siberia can be seen from space.

Wildfires in SW Colorado (US) are only 29% contained.

China is battling floods in the South and a heatwave in the North.

All these links/articles were posted in the last 24 hours of writing. It’s the same thing almost every day now, if you can bring yourself to take a few minutes to check. Keywords: weather, floods and fires.

Sad as hell. Be excellent to each other.


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Damage Report: 9th-15th January, 2017

trumpgreatagaingifHaving failed at giving up smoking, I’m determined to stick to this one of my New Year’s Resolutions – documenting and sharing some of the most interesting things from Ann Narkeh Media‘s prolefeed each week.

This series has been retitled; ‘Damage Reports’, because unfortunately that’s how it’s shaping up this year…I’m struggling with it all to be honest, virtually everyone I know is.

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Strike for Victory!

Monday 9th was #tubestrike day, when fake corporate news encouraged workers to get angry about their own exploitation being delayed by tube workers fighting for everybody’s safety. Solidarity with all striking workers!

Maximum Wage

  • Q. Who’s afraid of the ?
  • A. The very very very very rich. The very very very very rich are scared shitless by the .

Tuesday 10th, billionaire media owners scrambled to spin the news that Jeremy Corbyn wants to address absurd levels of inequality in the UK. Meaningful discussion was shut down by telling right wingers that a maximum wage was ‘utterly mad’ (because it would ‘kill aspiration’), and by telling left wingers that Corbyn had capitulated on ‘immigration’  racism. Needless to say, the Maximum Wage proposal is proving to be wildly popular with the 99%.


#Fracking idiots #Cuadrilla are still assaulting Nanashire. The knitting nanas and protectors all around the world are still resisting. Real Media are publishing Tina Louise Rotheray’s daily diaries from the frontlines in Lancashire. Utopian Bohemians mashed up this excellent (albeit tragic) slo-mo Funeral escort.

Your taxes at work:

  • Q. How many police does it take to slow march a lorry?
  • A. About 36. (And 4 vans…)

Over 50, 000 people have signed Friends of the Earth’s petition to Save Sherwood Forest from Fracking.

Drill or Drop‘s Ruth HayHurst is publishing weekly reports on protests against dirty fuel in the UK. frack-off.org.uk have published this map detailing all the current threats and the growing resistance around the country.


Caroline Lucas led cross party objections to UK Gov. Plc’s asset stripping of the Green Investment Bank on Wednesday 11th. Predictably, the Tory minister responding had only mealy mouthed cut and paste responses.

The ‘Homeless Reduction Bill‘ which “aims to put a new duty on councils to house people living rough within 56 days”, is still working it’s way through parliament. This follows the “No Second Night Out” initiative lie, which was rolled out in 2010…Meanwhile, a Shoreditch City worker complained  yesterday (Saturday), that he and his neighbours are being “terrorised” in their block of (warm) flats by (cold) homeless people living outside it. (My heart bleeds…)

NHS Crisis

As of Thursday, over 20 UK hospitals are on ‘Black Alert’At least 23 hospital trusts in England declared they were unable to manage demand last week…twitter said in no uncertain terms that the ‘Health Secretary’, Jeremy #HuntMustGO. The hashtag was trending at number one in the UK as protesters braved extreme weather to gather outside the Department of Health, calling for Hunt’s resignation.


Big Brother Corporation

The BBC have announced their ‘Reality Check’ series will become a permanent fixture, debunking (whatever they’re told to say is) on social media. ‘The Ministry of #PostTruth‘…

The Beeb also ran this extremely arrogant, (yet insightful) article about #PostTruth including quotes I can’t be bothered to cut n paste from some toff who I can’t be bothered to research properly. Apparently, he thinks better than we precarious proles waffling away on social media….and that’s what Post Truth is all about…at least he’s brave enough to share what will I assume be largely unpopular and out of touch sentiments about an already deeply unpopular phenomenon. ‘Post Truth’ is OLD. Older than Orwell, older than Bernays and Machiavelli…

Paul Mason Turns Out to be Just Another Capitalist.

I used to think he was cool, but there’s nothing #PostCapitalist about @PaulMasonNews now.

He wants freedom of movement,…but only for the rich.


I’m glad I didn’t get around to acquiring a copy of his book now.


A group of activists are using a derelict building owned by an Oxford college as a shelter for the city’s homeless population. Fourteen people have been sleeping at the shelter since New Year’s Eve.

Brilliant news from Finland’s #BasicIncome experiment, where they’re recommending it be expanded. MEPs have warned EU countries must “seriously” consider introducing a  Basic Income to prepare for technological unemployment.


I discovered another fantastic comedian managing to find ways to laugh at the horrific state of it all. Here’s , Chris Coltrane‘s  excellent standup show, ‘Left-Wing Propaganda Machine’: 

In addition to being a hilarious standup, Chris also does a brilliant YouTube show called The News For Idiots. Why not watch an episode? You might like it!

As we’re fast approaching #J20, I must also share with you this tragi-comedic sketch from @SKZCartoons:


extinctionsymbol.jpg This symbol represents extinction. The circle signifies the planet, while the hourglass inside serves as a warning that time is rapidly running out for many species.

The world is currently undergoing a mass extinction event, and this symbol is intended to help raise awareness of the urgent need for change in order to address this crisis. Follow @ExtinctSymbol on twitter to keep track of the 6th great extinction.

There’s also this website, extinctionsymbol.info

Extinction Symbol has been added to the Alternative Media List.

Help Sue Murdoch – Crowdfunder

Neil Clark is trying to raise £10K, to launch legal actions for libel and harassment against Rupert Murdoch,  & alleged cyberstalker, Oliver Kamm.

Read Neil’s story and if you’re able, sling him a few quid, here.

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