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The Forensic FLAG-MAN™ : Issue One: Page Two

2021. Westminster. London, England, where mild-mannered Tory, Kieth Steamer QC has taken over the opposition Labour party.

With sincere, humble apologies to Mighty Marvel Comics.

The Forensic FLAG-MAN™ is dropping a page at a time because Kieth is so unpopular that he could be replaced by another plastic Blairite centrist any day now. (Here’s the first 8 pages).

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LABOUR COMICS’ FLAG-MAN™ was designed to be printable in A4 dimensions, but this copy is low resolution for the interwebz. High-def copies are available FREE on request.

email: annnarkeh(at)gmail(dot)com

I used GIMP to make FLAG-MAN™. GIMP is FREE open source image manipulation software. Infinite gratitude to all the freeware developers out there creating amazing FREE tools for us proles to use.

Wear a fucking mask.

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