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By Utopian Bohemians

The Rogue Embassy of the People is strong with the force!

The first delegation to join is from Rojava..

The Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians and exiled Sweetstopians have declared the building and it’s territory an embassy.. See the Vienna Convention and the Geneva Convention for references..

We are an embassy for those nations who don’t have representation in the UK or anywhere in the so called civilized world.. We might be on the move soon.. but stay tuned for more as we are only warming up.. ūüėČ

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Is WWOOFing PostCapitalism?


(W.W.O.O.F. stands for World Wild Opportunities On Organic Farms – links at the end of this article).

Before going WWOOFing, I had been getting increasingly¬†depressed by the collapse of capitalism. As a young man, I was furiously angry with the system which enslaves us. I’m still angry, but I tend to hold it a little¬†better these days…

Since Occupy began in 2011, I have been actively searching for ‘better’ (or less bad) systems. Today, Most¬†people seem to be finally¬†arriving at the same page, which is simultaneously encouraging and terrifying, because it means that most of us now recognise the multiple converging catastrophes unfolding all around us…which makes them ever more real.

From my perspective, it was all looking pretty hopeless on the postcapitalist front until just recently.

I’d heard about WWOOFing, but I couldn’t seem to find¬†the will to actually go and try it out for myself. Word Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms did sound really cool, but I couldn’t save the travel fare. There’s no money involved with WWOOFing, but it’d probably create¬†problems with my¬†dole claim. I’m not fit enough to work. I might injure myself. etc etc…

In the end, some friends lent me the money for the travel and I headed off for a fortnight in Devon, feeling hopelessly underprepared and a little bit anxious. What if they were cultists? What if it they wanted us to graft for gruel and a leaky tent? What if we had to socialise with other people!?

In the event, we were treated like royalty. Lovely, warm, kind, generous hosts who were genuinely concerned for our happiness and wellbeing. Huge caravan. Wood burning stove. Gas (rarely used) and Leccy (solar).¬†Fresh, organic food every day. No pressure to work harder than we were¬†able to (or socialise if we didn’t want to).¬†We learnt loads¬†about how to grow stuff organically and the exercise had an extremely positive effect on my physical health.

Knowing that we were contributing to a sustainable way of life, while living sustainably (effectively off-grid) for a couple of weeks, without money involved was perhaps the best part of it all. WWOOFing turned out to be¬†the most radical, revolutionary, risk free, relaxing and rejuvenating thing I’ve ever done. It’s the most effective and sustainable way I’ve found to rage against the machine so far.

WWOOFing could well be the seed of postcapitalism planted in the 70s, bursting through just in time to save us all!

I’m looking forward to going¬†again as soon as possible. There are 700 WWOOFs in the UK.¬†I might not come back…


You can find out more about WWOOFing at these websites;




APOLOGIES FOR THE ‘INCONVENIENCE’ (We’re Trying To Fix The World) #StayGrounded [The Occupied Sun]

By Anne Autonomous Anonymous
on behalf of the intersectional
movement for a saner world

History repeating itself…following¬†the 3rd runway announcement (and other disastrous decisions), climate¬†activism is buzzing around Heathrow airport 9 years after the last Heathrow Climate Camp..

We just passed the carbon tipping point¬†and we’re also racing through the 2 degrees threshold. Our world’s so called¬†‘leaders’ have condemned the human race to death at the Paris climate conference charade.

We need to regroup.

It’s time for a climate camp reboot, to¬†set up a #PeoplesClimateConference and start taking mass, worldwide action to save our planet’s life support system!

Today’s action marks the start of a new¬†wave of mobilization and direct action¬†to tackle climate change!

Sustainable future or Extinction? The choice is ours.. and it’s time to choose! TBC..

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