Hungarian Gov Plc Raid expected Monday, 2nd May, 2016.

The Hungarian Government wants to ‘develop’ Budapest’s historic park, the Városliget,…by bulldozing it.

The Occupied Sun

Hungarian Gov Plc Raid Expected Monday, 2nd May, 2016.

The Hungarian Government wants to ‘develop’ Budapest’s historic park, the Városliget,…by bulldozing it.

The Ligetvédők (park protectors) have been occupying for the last month, yet despite their best efforts, 8 out of 40 trees have already been destroyed. (clarification from Laci in the comments – there are 40 trees where the Ligetvedok are camped but 600-700 under threat in the whole park)

Dark side forces are expected to attempt another illegal eviction this Monday, 2nd May.

#LigetVedok #Varosliget #Ecocide #Cop21 #Climate #Greenpeace #FriendsOfTheEarth


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8 replies on “Solidarity Ligetvédők! SOS! INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT NEEDED”

thank you very much for speaking up for us, this morning we had no impact, we’ll see the next days…
however, a quick correction: our government wants to destroy about 600-700 trees AT LEAST, there’s ca 40 more at the place we camp but all over the park they want to kill 600-700 trees at least


Hey Laci – thanks for that – I thought it sounded a little low that, 8 out of 40 trees…also – people are asking what can they do outside Budapest to support?



Hey Ann and all the people outside BP,
the best you can do is creating media contents showing your solidarity for our movement and also for the trees of BP. small viral videos with creative ideas, etc.
here’s our FB page, unfortunately it’s not international yet, but google translate is quite OK now from Hungarian to English:)
thank you guys for all the support!:):)


make a racket…! 😉 there’s no petition as far as I know, its just a case of making a big noise and hoping I think. Will let you know if I hear anything else.


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