WTF!!? Brexit Obsessed Idiots Need Slapping About the Face With Wet Fish

UK citizens are so hopelessly hypnotised that some (many) of them explicitly care more about Britain’s future trading relationship with the EU than they do about the ongoing extinction level event which is likely to kill them, their friends, family and quite possibly all vertebrate life on planet earth.

The CGI weather report from the Weather Channel, from which the stills in this meme are taken shows the grim reality of flood projections, which sadly most people on earth are too poor to evacuate from.

To the braindead ‘Brexiteers’ and ‘remainers’ though, it was just another opportunity to meme about their favourite all encompassing, divisive, disempowering distraction: Fucking Brexshit.

Whoever made this meme seriously needs a good slap about the face with a wet fish.

That is all.

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