The Artist Taxi Driver has almost reached his £15k crowdfunding target for his next film; BREXSHIT The Movie – Well done that man!

“100s of interviews with people from all walks of life… uploaded in realtime, a unique “open source practice”, an important social document, a witness to our times, culminating in a major, in an extra ordinary, 3hour 30 minute movie.. 12months of filming… Brexshit the Movie coming soon the rise of the right and how to defeat it”

I couldn’t afford to chip in to Mark’s crowdfunder, so I made him this poster instead:


Mark liked it, but it’s a pretty low res photo (was the best shot I could find) and he asked if I could do it again in higher definition.

I might have gotten a bit carried away, playing with fire…


Hope you like it Chunky!

I didn’t participate in the EU referendumb (because I don’t negotiate with terrorists), but I’m a big fan of Mark’s work and trust him to get to the root of what BREXIT’s really all about.

You can watch the film develop in realtime on the Artist Taxi Driver youtube channel.

However you voted, (or didn’t), BREXSHIT the movie will almost certainly cast some light on our objective reality. If you can afford to sling Mark a few quid, please do.


Here’s a thing I wrote about how I felt as one of ‘the 28%’ on June 23rd.


There’s much more BREXIT/BREXSHIT counter propaganda on this site.

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