BREXSHIT neverendum is a FARCE [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun

While The World Burns:

BREXSHIT neverendum is a FARCE

They want us;

  • Confused

  • Divided &

  • Distracted…

By a Neverending Mass Debate

OS_BREXSHITneverendumis a FARCE.png

Some say #BREXIT, Some Say #BREXSHIT, Some say #HOPEnotHate

The Occupied Sun Says:

On one level, Hatey Kopkins and that racist bloke are just pantomime court jesters. On another level, they’re hate magnets; lightning rods channelling society’s primal fears into hatred.

The few people who buy into their rhetoric hate; migrants, refugees, LGBTQ peeps and ‘foreigners’ while almost everybody else in our interconnected global society hates them and their brainwashed followers

As I write this, I’m struggling not to hate them myself, but I know that this hatred is distracting me (and everybody) from focusing on the systemic problems and solutions. And I know that there is no ‘them’ – everything is connected, we are all one.

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