BREXSHIT The Movie – Coming Soon

The Rise of the Right and How to Defeat it – @chunkymark The Artist Taxi Driver

The Artist Taxi Driver is crowdfunding his next film; BREXSHIT The Movie. 

“100s of interviews with people from all walks of life… uploaded in realtime, a unique “open source practice”, an important social document, a witness to our times, culminating in a major, in an extra ordinary, 3hour 30 minute movie.. 12months of filming… Brexshit the Movie coming soon the rise of the right and how to defeat it”

I didn’t participate in the EU referendumb (because I still don’t negotiate with terrorists), but I’m a big fan of Mark’s work and trust him to get to the root of what’s really up with BREXIT and our broken democracies.

I can’t afford to chuck him any money unfortunately, but I hope he digs this poster I made to help the BREXSHIT crowdfunder…


However you voted, (or didn’t), Mark’s work will almost certainly cast some light on our objective reality. If you can afford to sling him a few quid, please do.


Here’s a thing I wrote about how I felt as one of ‘the 28%’ on June 23rd.


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