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Ann Narkeh Media’s 2017, so far. [PRAXIS]

PRAXIS makes perfect…

‘Normal’ Service Will be Resumed ASAP.

Massive thanks to everybody in this ever decreasing filter bubble who’s still seeing and helping to share my stuff. Special yuuuge thanks to the four lovely people who have also kindly contributed £77 towards my doings this year.

Knowing that kind folks appreciate my stuff and have my back keeps me strong with the force. Thankyou all so much. 🙂


I’ve sadly failed some of my Radical Resolutions for this year already. Still smoking. Such is life. Given myself to the end of this year to wean myself off fags and finally pack it in. I also failed to keep up with my commitment to producing weekly damage reports. Sorry. They took ages to put together and hardly anybody was seeing them.

I’ve been reflecting on the last period of creative activity and have arrived at some conclusions.

  1. My stuff is only reaching people if I spend time aggressively ‘Marketing and Distributing’ it. Endlessly reposting, retweeting , scheduling posts, messaging people who might be interested, directly ASKING them to help share stuff, tagging people etc…
  2. ‘Marketing and Distributing’  is compromising time which would be better spent creating new things (and if it’s not already annoying people, it will start to).
  3. I’ve over done it and am exhausted.

January has been Ann Narkeh Media‘s most productive month so far. I created an average of one new thing each day in January. praxis

I’m going to give myself a little break now, to develop new theories and strategies before getting stuck back in.

PRAXIS makes perfect…

‘Normal’ Service Will be Resumed ASAP.

Here are all the new things I’ve made so far this year;

The Occupied Sun front page: Recognise Our Similarities, Put Aside Our Differences, YOUR WORLD NEEDS YOU!!!


As I’m too skint to contribute financially, I made this poster to support the Artist Taxi Driver, chunky mark’s crowdfunder for BREXSHIT The Movie.


More investigations into #GhostBanning on social media:


While the World Burns, BREXSHIT Neverendum is a FARCE.


Hopefully my last update on digital censorship for a while.




HUNT MUST GO! Daily Wail Front page.


Weekly Review 1-8th January:


Tell Cuadrilla to #FrackOff


The Occupied Sun front page: DEFEND ALL OUR FORESTS


Robyn Hoodie Says Not Sherwood, Not Anywhere


Thee Adventures of Robyn Hoodie – antifracking comicstrip.


The Scared Society


Daily Wail Corrections Department…


Damage Report 9th-15th January


SATIRE WRECK‘ (working title – suggestions welcome!). The first 12 pages of a new comicbook/graphic novel stylee concept for the #PostTruth Era…


Rushed this revamp of an old meme a bit, but it still makes the point.


This Daily Wail front page is one of the most popular things I’ve made this year.


It got me invited on AnonUKRadio, t0pg34r LIVE for the first time, which was very flattering, so I milked it with this one: (pun courtesy of my good friend Half Full…)


Much chuffed to see that this FREE JULIAN ASSANGE Occupied Sun front page, which I made last year, has recently been put to good use by comrades in Australia who were listening to the show and tweeted this photo.


Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained for four years now…

Inspired to hollaback to the Aussies, I made the next Occupied Sun front page a ‘Straya edition’, in support of the campaign to Disarm Avalon in 2017.


A new ‘The Occupied Sun Says‘ format to plug the merits of Universal Basic Income:


Had another puerile moment…just bants…(!) Ann Narkeh Media subscribers will already know; Don’t Let Murdoch Shit In Your Head.


Beautiful Trouble [The Occupied Sun Book Review]


In solidarity with Occupied Belgravia: Support A.N.AL. Against the 1% Daily Wail front page.


And The Occupied Sun: A.N.A.L. SHAFTING OLIGARCHY!!!


PRO-TRUMP TERRORIST KILLED. Six. People. R.I.P. Daily Wail front page.


New front page layout for the Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians – THE A.N.A.L. TIMES One Eviction, So Many Empties!


KEEP CALM AND BLOCKADE CUADRILLA (Comms Blockade Memes) Various different dimensions, banner, square profile and A4/A3 etc…

#WaterIsLife #BankruptCuadrilla


And finally, I created this series of 8 original Thought Crimes… comicbook memes for Netpol’s National #DomesticExtremist Day.


The Alternative Media List continues to be updated:


If you made it this far, thanks for reading! If you like any of these things, please share them and if you’re able, please consider making a micro-contribution. Cheers!

Keep it lit. Keep resisting. ‘Normal’ Service Will be Resumed A.S.A.P.


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