Theresa May’s Bold New Vision for Britain…


Don’t be Afraid of Big Mother!scaredsociety

Yes she looks scary,

Yes, she sounds scary,os_mayhem

But there are a LOT more of us than there are of ‘them’. ‘They’ should be a LOT more scared of us than we are of ‘them’. Never forget, there is good in the world.

We are all one, and our world needs us – Your World Needs YOU!os_yourworldneedsyou

Sieze The Memes of Production and express yourself clearly and confidently.siezethememeswp

Get thou to thee barricades, reclaim thee streets, thee interwebz AND our objective reality!

Be Kind to Each Otheros_bekindwp

Most importantly, Keep it Lit!os_keepitlitwp

Don’t be afraid of Big Mother.

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