Welcome to Ann Narkeh Media


Ann Narkeh is an Occupier, Love Activist and Compassionate Revolutionary. An artivist; activist, artist, post satirist and citizen journalist, who livestreams interesting things and creates original multimedia campaign materialswriting, brandalism, video, animations and music, using virtually all freeware, digital tools you can download and use yourself for FREE!

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All content is offered to the interwebz for free. There is no advertising or distribution budget. Likes, shares, comments and contributions are very much appreciated, thankyou!

Any adverts not created by Ann Narkeh Media are from wordpress.


Ann Narkeh does a lot of stuff, but is perhaps best known for producing and publishing spoof, ‘alternative’ and ‘corrected’ front pages of national and local newspapers;


The Occupied Sun was launched in January 2015 and has now produced over a hundred of “the most brilliant front pages in Britain”, (according to The Canary).


Originally commissioned by the excellent Real Media for their week of action against the Daily Mail in March 2015,  Ann Narkeh Media still creates occasional Daily Wail front pages now.


Ann Narkeh creates original music and video with Angry Band, who have just released their second album Anthems For The Barricades” for FREE download via soundcloud.com. It’s an ‘acquired taste’, but some people seem to like it…


There’s loads more  stuff and things here, have a look around and if you like what you find, please help SHARE IT!

Any questions? Get in touch: annnarkeh (at) gmail (dot) com

Again, MASSIVE THANKS to everybody who’s helped distribute these projects and contributed to them, you know who you are and you’re awesome!

SO FAR this year, FIFTEEN lovely people have contributed a total of £306! (Before paypal’s deductions)

THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH (Last updated: 25th July, 2017)



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