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Secret Trick to Help Choose Your Page’s Best Content!

If you manage a progressive, radical or otherwise r3VOLutionary page on facebook, you may have noticed the words ‘boost unavailable’ appearing on your posts with increasing regularity recently.

A ‘boost’ is when stupid people with more money than sense pay facebook to spam other users with their content. Stupid rich people ‘boosting’ their posts means they get to force their worldview on everybody else. As everyone knows, the richer you get, the stupider you get and as the social media algorithms hand increasing amounts of control to stupid rich people, the stupider our culture becomes.

In this landscape, the words ‘boost unavailable’ appearing under your post probably means that it’s the most radical stuff your page has to offer and that some shady corporate-governmental Bond villain types have arranged for such content to be D-noticed down the old memory hole.

Conversely, if fb is letting you pay them to ‘boost’ certain content, then your content is probably, well..stupid in some way. (Sorry not sorry).

Therefore, the ‘unboostable’ content is likely the most radical and revolutionary your page has to offer and therefore you should probably focus on sharing that information by other means; via other platforms; your own website if you have one; or why not go old school – text, phone, even (shudders) face to face? 😮

Does anybody have another explanations for why fb might be making certain posts ‘unboostable’ (even for their preferred clientele, the stupid rich)?


*This particular ‘unboostable’ article can be read at Baroness Jenny Jones’ website, here.


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