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Yellow Vests Conflict: Violence Statistics are Terrifying

Four people have had part of their hands blown off by grenades.

There are multiple conflicting statistics on the now 11 week long, Gilets Jaunes or Yellow Vests conflict with the French state. All these estimates are absolutely shocking though, particularly as the UK oligarchy is apparently flexing it’s martial law preparations ahead of sodding ‘Brexit’, whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be…

The French Government’s official statistics say 1,700 people have been injured and 1,000 policemen or gendarmes. Of these, 100 were seriously hurt.

11 people have already died. If it doesn’t stop soon, there will be more.

David Dufresne has counted 353 people injured directly as a result of police action. French left-wing newspaper Libération says 109 were severely hurt, while the charity against state violence ‘Désarmons-les’ estimates the number of badly to severely injured to be 124 and puts the total number of injured at between 2000 to 3000 people.

Apparently, the Government stats only account for those ‘related by the health authorities’ but many of those injured will not have sought medical aid. According to “Désarmons-les”, 78 of those severely injured were by the police’s rubber bullets. At least a dozen people have suffered serious eye injuries including the permanent loss of sight, by rubber bullets.

The injuries caused by police during the protests are mostly from the uses of “defensive bullets” known as Flashballs or LBDs and stun grenades, which contain TNT.

51 victims of police flashball came forward after an appeal by France Info. Some had been seriously maimed, including Vanessa Langard, who was hit in the face by a “defence bullet,” permanently destroying 3/4 of the sight in one eye.

Four people have had part of their hands blown off by grenades.

At least 5,000 Gilets Jaunes have been arrested, 4,000 have been convicted of offences and over 200 imprisoned, so far.

The numbers continue to grow.

Without a hint of his own hypocrisy, French president Emmanuel Macron recently tweeted:

Après l’élection illégitime de Nicolás Maduro en mai 2018, l’Europe soutient la restauration de la démocratie. Je salue le courage des centaines de milliers de Vénézuéliens qui marchent pour leur liberté.— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) January 24, 2019

“After the illegitimate election of Nicolás Maduro in May 2018, Europe supports the restoration of democracy. I salute the courage of the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who walk for their freedom.”

Source for statistics here.

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