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WAR is the Axis of the Ecological Struggle. #StopDSEI 2019

Printable dimensions for posters/t-shirt, whatever:

Square, squished, memier version.

DSEI is the world’s premier festival of death, that rolls into London Docklands every two years. Co-hosted by UK Gov. Plc, who invite tyrants and warmongers to buy the tools of war, 2019 will be DSEI’s 20th year of flogging weapons and equipment to countries on UK Gov.Plc’s own list of human rights abusers.

They’re calling it a ‘celebration’.

It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so grave.

If your environmental activism does not include active opposition to the fossil fuel powered machinery of war, it is not only incomplete but also doomed to failure.

To be fair, it looks like we’re pretty much all doomed anyway but that doesn’t mean we should stop resisting and campaigning for peace.

There is no survivable scenario without a global ceasefire.

Expect more memes and stuff imminently.


Occupy The Arms Fair – peace camp and blockade:

September 2-11th, 2019, ExCel Exhibition Centre, London Docklands.

Bring tent.

facebook event page. If you’re into that sort of thing…

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