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Londonbound to Broadcast Extinction Rebellion #Swarming


Legendary rebel, eco-warrior and my mate, Donnachadh has kindly offered me his sofa in London for a couple of nights and my dole is due tomorrow morning, so I’m excited to be heading to London for a couple of days broadcasting Extinction Rebellion #swarming all over the capital, leading up to Rebellion Day 2, back at Tarpaulin Square on Saturday!

Today (Wednesday) was the rebels’ first day of swarming actions in London (and worldwide). It was looking like it had gotten off to a really good start. However, as I’m writing this I’m reading reports that Lord Tebbit of all people has driven his car into rebels near Tower Bridge.

I’m too angry about this to try to express it properly now, suffice to say I feel yet stronger in my convictions that I should be up there filming everything, not just to spread the word but to capture any despicable behaviour like this, whoever is responsible for it be they a Lord, the police or some random thug.

I hope nobody was hurt and it was caught on police bodycam and that the police release the footage and co-operate with the rebels to prosecute this person. If it wasn’t caught on film, surely there were witnesses, legal observers? Like so many of our 1% corporate overlords, Lord Tebbit is clearly not very well and needs some sort of attention and care to rehabilitate them.

Prosecuting them would also be a massive symbolic victory for the rebellion….

I’m still undecided whether to livestream, or to capture and upload in higher definition but I’m increasingly inclined to go for the latter. The quality of the streams is lossy compared to just filming, which is bearable but the signal drops are a nightmare and I’ve developed a general mistrust of the big social media platforms.

I’m still using f***book and twitter, cautiously, for the same reason everybody else is – because everybody else is there… Tony X has said that is shutting down in a few days, sadly. I was excited about the potential of steemit and Dtube but Dtube’s videos aren’t indelibly stored on the blockchain as I mistakenly believed them to be. They get removed after a couple of months, which renders it pretty much useless for my purposes. Steemit‘s still got incredible potential but there’s still not enough people there yet for it to be truly r3v01utionary…(I must remember to start posting there again…). We need a free blockchain bambuser really… if anybody has any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them.

Anyway, I’ll probably do a bit of livestreaming and a bit of filming and uploading. See how it goes. SHOUTOUT – Please watch out for the broadcasts and share them across the interwebs if they’re any good – I’m not proficient enough to do it myself while broadcasting, yet. I’ll likely stream to Occupy News Network on facebook again, as I did for the Declaration of Rebellion.

Obviously – share ALL the streams, photos, posts, articles, tweets and so on, not just mine. Follow the #Swarming and #ExtinctionRebellion tags.

The rebellion will not be televised, the rebellion will be livestreamed! (…one way or another)

Lastly, check out and share @Elsie_Luna ‘s inspiring threads of broadcasts on twitter; If the spectacle of a brave 10 year old rebel hero speaking directly to the toxic fossil fuel corporations doesn’t provoke some sort of emotional response in you, I don’t know what will.

Right. I’m off to get my stuff ready and meditate and try to rest. Stupidly early start tomorrow. Start of at least 3 loooong days. Hope my bones can handle it.

See you at the barricades. Keep it lit.


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