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URGENT: Can You Help Ann Narkeh Get to London for #ExtinctionRebellion?

I want to head down to London to livestream Extinction Rebellion but I haven’t been able to find anywhere to crash yet and as per usual, I’m skint.


Dear internet friends.

Followers of this blog will be aware that I avoid asking for contributions towards my doings unless I’m absolutely on my arse or in a personal crisis. This is neither of those but I am asking for a little help, if anybody’s able.

I want to head down to London to livestream Extinction Rebellion‘s three days of ‘swarming‘ which is due to start tomorrow (Wednesday) and for Rebellion Day 2 on Saturday but I haven’t been able to find anywhere to crash yet and as per usual, I’m skint.

I’ve emailed XR earlier today regarding accommodation and travel costs but I know they’re very busy, it’s very last minute and I’m averse to filling in forms. I should also mention here that I’m NOT up for getting nicked because the police will steal my equipment and refuse to return it for months on end…again.

I want to do more to help though and I’m kitted out for filming and livestreaming.

An open return to London by coach will cost me at least £25.50, at most £41.80, via National Express. ‘Unlimited’ data for livestreaming will cost me £25 via giffgaff.

So primarily, I’m looking for somewhere safe to crash (and stash my stuff) in London and about £70 towards travel and airtime. Actual travel costs are likely to be a bit higher than this, because London’s designed for rich people. My dole is due to arrive on Thursday, so I should be able to get up for the day on Saturday under my own steam, (if I don’t eat too much this fortnight)…

If you’re able to help out with somewhere to crash and/or towards travel and airtime costs, I would be infinitely grateful.

If I know you and you’ve got a sofa or floor I could borrow for a few days, please get in touch asap: annnarkeh(at)gmail(dot)com

UPDATE – the awesome rebel, Donnachadh has offered me his sofa for a couple of nights so I should be heading back up to the belly of the beast for Thursday, Friday and Saturday regardless.

Contributions still welcome, of course.

If you’re able, the paypal button for contributions is here.
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