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Facebook Users’ Reactions to Wigan Police’s Nasty Post Are Brilliant!

over 1000 people have basically told them to have a heart, or to go fk themselves…

GMP Wigan East incurred the wrath of hundreds of facebook users yesterday, when it posted an unbelievably cruel message, requesting that the public not give money to a man who was begging:

GMP Wigan

They even asked people to shop any beggars they see. Presumably to be processed, fined and slung back on the street. Because nothing discourages begging like the application of more debt does it…?

GMP Wigan East

“It has been brought to our attention there is a male begging in a public place near to Tesco, Hindley. We request that members of the community do not encourage this behaviour by giving him money.
Sec 3 Vagrancy Act – Begging in A Public Place any person sighting persons committing this offence please contact the Police on 101

Fedbook users responded with hundreds of comments condemning the inhumanity of treating desperate, vulnerable people with so little compassion.

At the time of writing, over 1000 people have basically told them to have a heart, or to go fk themselves, with varying shades of diplomacy, anger and humour.

Here are a few of the most popular replies;


It warms the heart to see fedbook being used to slap down the creeping tide of Orwellian police state fascism in the UK. I hope these people were able to share a banquet with this bloke. More street kitchens – break down the stigma – spread the love!

If GMP Wigan East haven’t had the good sense to take the post down yet, you can read the full thread here.


By Ann Narkeh

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