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An Apology and Announcement from the Bored Room

Over the coming days, Ann Narkeh Media’s publications will return to promoting what’s happening on the frontlines of British activism – refocusing on setting the agenda, rather than commenting on the prescribed narratives – on policies more than personalities and on action, not naval gazing…

So, I’ve been reviewing this website and have realised that my output over the last month or so has become somewhat distracted by the partly political parliamentary pantomime. I think the sheer absurdity of the ongoing #ChickenCoup debacle might have driven me a little bit over the edge…so, apologies.

I do still believe it’s important to support the struggle to reform Westmonster, but I don’t think that will happen if we focus all of our energies there. I think we need to practice what the Americans call ‘full spectrum dominance’ ie: we must fight on all fronts, not put all our eggs in one basket.

So. Over the coming days, Ann Narkeh Media‘s publications will return to promoting what’s happening on the frontlines of British and global activism – refocusing on setting the agenda, rather than commenting on the prescribed narratives – on policies more than personalities and on action not naval gazing.

As we approach the fifth anniversary of the international Occupy movement, there are some exciting things brewing in the UK and around the world. We have kept it lit and the embers are stirring. Comrade Corbyn’s revolution has added much fuel to the fire.

While the Parliamentary Labour Party continues purging Corbynistas in an increasingly surreal McCarthyist witchhunt, there has never been a better time to direct party politics’ energy beyond Westmonster.

You can preview the current agenda and add suggestions to it in The Occupied Sun Bored Room or by emailing Ann Narkeh directly: annnarkeh (at) gmail (dot) com

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Please help distribute the forthcoming publications far and wide, thankyou.


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