The Occupied Argus


Despite public outcry following reports that 13 acres of ‘protected’ ancient woodland have been destroyed, the ecocidal maniacs responsible have now dumped tonnes of waste rubble onto the site.

Situated in the South Downs National Park, the planted woodland had been properly managed for centuries.

It is now a giant waste dump.

The Head of Planning for the authorities has apparently publicly stated that they were first informed of the destruction of Pondtail Wood on 8th April by the District Council.

However,the group, Save Pondtail Wood claim to have a letter from the Chief Executive of Mid Sussex District Council addressed to Sir Nicholas Soames MP, stating that they had informed the Park Authority on 24th March.

When faced with such blatant examples of the authorities’ inability (or unwillingness) to protect us, perhaps we should reconsider whether writing letters, signing petitions and marching from A to B is really going to cut it.  It seems to me the time for protest is over, but is there still time for any effective resistance?

Let’s hope so.

Save PondTail Wood
Muddleswood Rd, Mid Sussex




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