FAO: CUADRILLA #IAmTinaRothery We Are ALL Tina Rothery

The Occupied Sun

FAO: CUADRILLA #IAmTinaRothery We Are ALL Tina Rothery

You frack with one of us, you frack with ALL of us.


Prominent anti-fracking nana, Tina-Louise Rothery is being financially terrorised by fracking monster Cuadrilla, who are attempting to prosecute her to the tune of £55k.

twitterstorm this Friday, 24th June. #IAmTinaRothery

OS_WeAreAllTinaIf you haven’t heard about what’s been happening on the front lines of the deep green resistance, you might want to check out the Alternative Media List, for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.

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