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PostCapitalism – Some “Equations”

While trying to sum up my most optimistic thoughts concisely, I developed these pretentious sounding, quasi-intellectual “#PostCapitalism Equations”;

While trying to sum up my most optimistic thoughts concisely, I developed these pretentious sounding, quasi-intellectual “#PostCapitalism Equations”;

  • Unity 

    The 99% 

    ÷ 0

    + Hope

  • Hope


    + Varoufakis

    x Mason*

    – The 1%

  • Enlightened Culture

    Trust, Love, Peace > Fear, Hate, Anger

    Free Data √ Free Media


*I really could do with a copy of PostCapitalism, by Paul Mason, to check the veracity of the second equation. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the gist of what he’s saying from various lectures and excerpts he’s published, but if anybody has a copy they could lend me, or a link to a .pdf, I’d be infinitely grateful. (A copy of Pikkety’s ‘Capital in the 21st Century would also be much appreciated – though from what I hear, it’s quite a dry read).

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