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Who Wants To Hunt a Billionaire? (TV Pitch)

Each week we kidnap a different billionaire and drop them on a deserted island with some basic survival tools. Our contestants then hunt and kill the billionaire.

A TV Pitch:

Each week we kidnap a different billionaire* and drop them on a deserted island with some basic survival tools.

Our contestants then hunt and kill the billionaire**.

Each episode concludes with a communal meal of roasted billionaire***.

Here are the opening credits, which are entirely original and not in any way derivative. Any resemblance to pre-exisiting TV shows is purely coincidental.

Here they are again as a .gif:

Reckon I need about £10 billion to make the pilot but once that one’s done each subsequent episode should get cheaper, ‘cos we’ll be expropriating and redistributing each billionaires’ wealth as we go.

If you have the means and want to help make the pilot episode happen you can chip in here: PayPal.Me/AnnNarkeh


Yes, you can bring your own weapons, so long as they conform to our rigorous health and safety checks.

Yes, there will be BBQ sauce and mustard and a wide range of other condiments.

No, you don’t have to partake in eating the billionaires. There will be vegetarian and vegan options available. (Everybody has to pretend it’s billionaire though, for the cutaways).

There are currently 2k odd billionaires in the world so we would be looking to syndicate the show internationally and will be aiming for 5 primetime shows per week.

Once we run out of billionaires we’ll move on to millionaires.

There will be special episodes for trophy hunters, who will be hunted by the orphans of the animals they killed.


If you’re interested in being a contestant, email your CV with a covering letter to annnarkeh(at)gmail(dot)com and sign up here:

*This post is intended to be #PostSatire
**Amazing that I had to add this disclaimer
***Sign of the times though, some people are really dumb and Post Satire isn’t funny.

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