“How did you spend the last few years before planet Earth became completely uninhabitable?”

“Oh, everybody mostly just argued about whether or not to stay in the EU…”

The ‘Ask’ Bit,…

ALL Ann Narkeh’s stuff is offered free, with no paywalls, and no advertising. Ann Narkeh is skint and this laptop is in urgent need of a rererefurb, or really, a replacement that’s up to doing proper video editing.

IF YOU’RE ABLE, please consider making a regular, (or a one-off), micro (or macro) paypal contribution towards rererefurbing, (or replacing) this laptop and keeping Ann Narkeh Media online and productive.

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If you like it, think it’s useful, or if it speaks for you, any help sharing this stuff is equally much appreciated. Thanks all. 

The extinction symbol represents extinction.

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