We’re very nearly out of time

’12 years left’ is very optimistic

Be excellent to each other

There are over 100 The Occupied Sun and Daily Wail front pages, offering an alternative take on everybody’s least favourite tabloid.


The Occupied Sun is created using GIMP, a Free + Opensource Image Editor.

Check out the Alternative Media List for better sources of information than the 1%’s malign media monopoly. 100+ recommendations for more interesting, useful, credible, relevant and reliable sources:

The ‘ask’ bit,…

…pretty much everybody on the internet has a massive great box at the end of their stuff, asking for regular contributions, while carrying advertising. Many have paywalls for some, if not all of their content.

All content on this site is offered free, with no paywalls.
#AdvertisingShitsInYourHead so this site suffers no advertising on it’s subscribers either.

This laptop is broken and Ann Narkeh is broke.

IF YOU’RE ABLE, please consider making a regular, (or a one-off), micro (or macro) paypal contribution towards rerererefurbing this laptop and keeping Ann Narkeh Media online and productive.

Contribute Button

If you’re also skint, any help sharing this stuff is equally much appreciated. Thanks all. 

The extinction symbol represents extinction.

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