HATE-RIOTIC! [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun 

UKIP and The Tories Aren’t ‘Patriotic’, They’re


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By The Artist Taxi Driver

The Right Wing Media is doing it’s best to get Paul Nuttall’s campaign on track. This is called gaslighting journalism. This is Tory journalism.
It exposes the collaboration. The Tories and UKIP are the same movement. They are the same vile, disgusting, anti-immigrant, racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic,.. Theresa May’s Tory BREXSHIT Britain pivots on one thing: prejudice for votes. And you know what? Dressed up as patriotism.
This isn’t ‘patriotism’.
This is hate-riotism.

Well done Bill Smith – the best of innumerous egg-cellent #askpaulnuttall tweets…besttweetever

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