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President Trump: What Hope Now?

Everybody seems to be freaking out about who America “chose” to be their new puppet president, so here’s my current top 10 reasons to remain hopeful for the future…

Everybody seems to be freaking out about who America “chose” to be their new puppet president, so here are my current top 10 reasons to remain hopeful for the future…

  1. Ultimately, it’s all just a barely scripted pantomime. People are finally waking up to this fact worldwide, and starting to take action en masse. Hilary Clinton is just as bad as Trump but hides it (slightly) better. Her gender was her singular redeeming feature. They’re both just puppets, actors, tools of the establishment, icons to divide us, distract us and disempower us.*
  2. On the same day Trump was elected, three more women of colour were elected to the senate. Four out of a hundred may still be a small concession in a pantomime which is designed to divide, distract and disempower us, but it is still the largest leap in any US election so far.
  3. The Tories’ loathsome bedroom tax has been defeated. Or was this just UK Gov. Plc throwing the proles a sliver of hope for the day to keep us going? We’ll see.
  4. Dong energy, a major oil and gas company is dumping their 1.5bn fossil fuel portfolio to go 100% renewable.
  5. The standoff at Standing Rock has reached global awareness. Redhawk has reported that at least 2 cops have handed in their badges to join the water protectors. Practical, effective international solidarity is also growing, at standing rock and beyond.
  6. Trump can’t stop the energy revolution. Renewable energy capacity has overtaken coal according to a report by the IAE which says half a million solar panels were installed every day last year globally. In China, two wind turbines were set up every hour. Policy changes in China, India and Mexico have been important forces behind the growth of the renewable energy sector.
  7. If you loved Hitlery and wanted her to win, you can reassure your ego (and your ideological echo chamber) that according to many analysts, had there been proportional representation in the US, she would have won. (She is still just an icon to divide, distract and disempower us, just like Trump).
  8. Voter turnout has dropped to 50% in the US. While some will argue that this is a bad thing, I would have to refer you to the 1st reason to be hopeful. Participating in an oversimplified, absurdly polarised slagging match, or “voting for the lesser of two evils” for generations is what got us into this mess. If people stop participating in the pantomime, they are more likely to be doing something useful with themselves. If enough people chose not to participate, it would disempower the puppet masters and we could all crack on with building a better world!
  9. Katie Hopkins promised to move to the US if Trump was elected. Yes, I know including this on the list is playing into the divisive, disempowering distraction thing, but she’s too vile not to celebrate her departure…
  10. ‘President Trump’ should serve as a call for everybody to wake the f*** up to how absolutely, royally f***ed we all are if we don’t become more actively and effectively involved in changing the world for the better.

*This election campaign should have made it absolutely clear to everybody that mainstream democracy has become a sick joke. While traumatic for many people to come to terms with, this raising of consciousness is a good thing, on balance.

Don’t let the bullshit merchants divide, distract and disempower us! If you’ve been keeping it lit, now is the time to spread it around good people.

If you’re just waking up and shaking off the cognitive dissonance, welcome! Take a deep breath and try not to lose your shit. It’s going to be OK.





By Ann Narkeh

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