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Personal blog 25-8-16

Hell of a week.

Personal blog 25-8-16

Hell of a week.

Huge thanks to the Occupiers who made me an editor of the Occupy London fedbook page. Singular, awesome thanks to Scriptonite of the Canary fame for giving The Occupied Sun and Ann Narkeh Media such a lovely plug – all this after the low of being booted from Occupy News Network. According to the Canary,  The Occupied Sun is ‘printing some of the most brilliant spoof front pages in Britain’!

It feels amazing to be recognised by comrades whose work I respect so much. I was feeling pretty low after the way Pedro, Donnie and Luke unceremoniously dropped me, but I dealt with it the best I could and the good people of Occupy noticed, caught me and gave me an even bigger platform to rant, rave and ramble on. Which was exceptionally awesome of them. Thankyou.

Since the article in the Canary, The Occupied Sun has gathered a load more likes and this site’s traffic has gone crazy. Welcome new subscribers and thanks again for all the likes and stuff…

Then Tom Palmer died.

I didn’t know Tom that well, but I liked admired and respected what I did know of him. We met at a few protests in London and we chatted a fair bit online. He was a remarkable bloke, in all the ways that people who knew him better than me can describe.

I miss what I knew of him more than I usually would for a vague acquaintance’s passing, because he was so remarkable in his approach to life and the insights and friendship he offered to strangers like me and apparently to everyone. He was unequivocal and uncompromising. He was loud and obnoxious and arrogant. He was a rockstar protest legend and he will be remembered and missed by those who were close to him, those who didn’t get on with him and those who only vaguely knew of him.

Bless up Kingfisher. Rest in peace. Love and hugs to all who knew him. There’s a gathering this Saturday.

I had to have emergency surgery on my tooth earlier. I’m a bit delirious. Need to go to the dentist in the morning and get it properly seen to. Gonna upload some more Post Satire now ready to bother everybody with tomorrow.

Peace, love, respect, anarchy.

By Ann Narkeh

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