IPSO Slaps Down The S*n, FOUR MONTHS After The Fact

The grauniad reports today that the S*n ‘newspaper’ has been ordered by IPSO, (the Independent Press Standards Organisation) to admit that their “1 in 5 British Muslims” story from November last year was ‘significantly misleading’.

4 months after the fact.

Slow clap for IPSO.

” But, while Ipso upheld the complaint it investigated, the paper was spared having to print notice of the adjudication on its front page. The watchdog said the newspaper had agreed to publish the notice on page two of Saturday’s edition, having been ordered to place it no further back than page five. “

Murdoch must be quaking in his boots…(sic)

Here’s The S*n’s offensive front page and The Occupied Sun‘s corrected version:









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