Daniel Harris has been homeless and sofasurfing in Brighton for 3 years. He suffers with mental health issues, including PTSD and he is a survivor of child sexual abuse. Daniel was recently emergency housed by the council at Percival Terrace, Brighton.

The rent on his self contained room is £28 a day. He has to pay a further £50 a month for utilities and Council Tax. In total, he must pay £900 a month to live there, which leaves him significantly worse off than he was while sofasurfing. Daniel is not allowed visitors and his description of the conditions are appalling.


Percival Terrace has 60 rooms, meaning the landlord, Helgor Trading Ltd. could be making over half a million quid a year, renting substandard accommodation to vulnerable people.

According to Daniel’s research, they have net assets of £5.7m and the two main directors are directors and shareholders in almost another 100 different property related companies with assets in the hundreds of millions of pounds.

daniel harris Daniel Harris

I tried to commit suicide last year when everything got too much, I am in recovery and have a history of not eating well, this room only has a microwave. The bed is not fit to sleep in and the mattress is stained with what looks like urine. The ceiling is falling apart and I am now seriously doubting a way forward in my life, I simply cannot afford to pay those rates and am considering quitting my job.


You can read, sign and share Daniel’s full petition here:


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