GOOD LUCK TINA! #BankruptCuadrilla

Modern day Spartacus, Tina-Louise Rothery will be on trial tomorrow, 9th December 2016. She faces 14 days in prison for daring to stand up to fracking bullies, Cuadrilla. Fractivists worldwide will be hoping that the judge is a rational human being...

I AM TINA TOO [The Occupied Sun]

You Frack With One of Us? You Frack With ALL of Us. #IamTinaToo *UPDATED* COURT SUPPORT DETAILS: 11am, Friday December 9th The Law Courts, Openshaw Place, Preston, Lancashire PR1 2LL

FAO: Cuadrilla & UK Gov. Plc I AM TINA TOO [The Occupied Sun]

#IamTinaToo #WeSaidNo You frack with one of us? You frack with all of us. 19th October, The Law Courts, Chapel St, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 5RJ