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The ultra-selfish, self-obsessed, #BlairRichProject wing of the party are finally hoisting themselves away on their own petards and it’s hilarious.

What more can I say that they haven’t said themselves?

The ultra-selfish, self-obsessed, #BlairRichProject chicken wing of the party are finally hoisting themselves away on their own petards and it’s hilarious.

There are infinitely more important things to be focusing on right now than a bunch of splitters quitting the Labour party to form a private company while pretending to be a political party, but the #FunnyTinge comment’s got to be called out, as has Angela Smith’s mealy mouthed, nonsensical, non-apology.

Adios you chicken coup plotting fuckers, and take the rest of your mates with you.

Don’t forget Tom Watson.

@TheIneptGroup on twitter have been doing a good job of post-satirising the #HatefulEight – if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m going to try to just not engage with them any more and focus on more important things, like the extinction emergency.

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