Despite public outcry following reports that 13 acres of 'protected' ancient woodland have been destroyed, the ecocidal maniacs responsible have now dumped tonnes of waste rubble onto the site.


#GlobalDebout – Updates

Nuit Debout website: 00.25 Pheonix Rising roundup from Nuit Debout London - confirms TWO arrests earlier - for chalking on the pavement. 23.06 Wow. Two people have apparently been arrested for chalking at Nuit Debout London Night Assembly (13.30secs in) 22.44 found an RT article: 22.32 looks like tents going up in CATALONIA square: 22:07 NAPLES debout  … Continue reading #GlobalDebout – Updates

#GlobalDebout? #15M? Media Blackout Much?

There are now hundreds of cities in 25 countries around the world prepping for the next global wave of democratic, people powered resistance to the emergent fascist global order and there's been barely a dicky bird from the 1% media. That's to be expected, but there's not been much on social media or alt channels in the UK either. What is up with that? Have you heard about #NuitDebout, or the #GlobalDebout next week, 15th May? #15M? If not, why not? (Please answer in the comments if you can be arsed).

Love Activists and Opsafe Brighton: STREET STORIES EXHIBITION – Poster/Flyer

Exhibiting photographs of people's experiences of different types of homelessness Every Saturday in May, come along to share your own stories and to hear other peoples Everybody is invited to write in the book of street stories, to share past and present experiences with our community The exhibition will be facilitated by Love Activists Brighton and OpSafe Brighton, in solidarity with the homeless folk of Brighton & Hove