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Despite public outcry following reports that 13 acres of ‘protected’ ancient woodland have been destroyed, the ecocidal maniacs responsible have now dumped tonnes of waste rubble onto the site.

Situated in the South Downs National Park, the planted woodland had been properly managed for centuries.

It is now a giant waste dump.

The Head of Planning for the authorities has apparently publicly stated that they were first informed of the destruction of Pondtail Wood on 8th April by the District Council.

However,the group, Save Pondtail Wood claim to have a letter from the Chief Executive of Mid Sussex District Council addressed to Sir Nicholas Soames MP, stating that they had informed the Park Authority on 24th March.

When faced with such blatant examples of the authorities’ inability (or unwillingness) to protect us, perhaps we should reconsider whether writing letters, signing petitions and marching from A to B is really going to cut it.  It seems to me the time for protest is over, but is there still time for any effective resistance?

Let’s hope so.

Save PondTail Wood
Muddleswood Rd, Mid Sussex





IMPORTANT UPDATE from Brighton Antifa‘s fedbook page:

“At the same time as fascist march in Brighton, there is also a Skinhead Reunion event. Please be aware that vast majority of those attending are non-racist skinheads with quite few being on our side. Whilst there might be few unsavoury characters from the far-right trying to mix in with the Reunion crowd, use your common sense and don’t assume every skinhead you will see in town on the day came here for the fascist march. Hopefully Skinhead Reunion organisers will also make sure at their end that any attempts of racists trying to infiltrate their event will be dealt with”.

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On the 4th of June, a group of far-right racists want to protest in Brighton against refugees. The group, calling themselves “South Coast Resistance” or “Pie and Mash Squad” say they’re opposed to our city hosting any refugees whilst British people are homeless.

In reality, this is simply an excuse for their undisguised racism. These fascists don’t care about homelessness, they just want to keep refugees out. The reason for the homelessness in Brighton isn’t the ( frankly pathetically small ) amount of refugees we’re taking in, it’s the government selling off all the council stock, closing homeless shelters and banning squatting.


I am White. Does That Automatically Make Me a Racist?

I just had to unfriend somebody on fedbook.

We had been friends since 2011 when we met at Occupy Democracy’s #TarpaulinRevolution in Parliament Square.

Over the last 5 years I have had many long debates with her about the nature of racism.

Today’s brief convo was the last straw for me though:


I am white. I am male. I am fragile.

I am deeply saddened by this person’s definition of racism:

“oppression towards the inferior less powerful race – get to know! – white people are the supremacist race”

I thought that racism was:

a product of the complex interaction in a given society of a race-based worldview with prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. Racism can be present in social actions, practices, or political systems (e.g., apartheid) that support the expression of prejudice or aversion in discriminatory practices”.

I’ve campaigned actively against racism my whole life. I’ve spoken out, acted out and produced tons of anti-racist propaganda. As a small child, I marched against SA apartheid and participated in die-ins outside the SA embassy.

I’ve had endless debates with this person, who feels that because she is not white, she cannot be racist. ‘Bashing’ all whites is justified by this person, because white privilege.

I admire her anti-imperialist/supremacist work, but don’t know what more I can do to persuade her that not all whites are fascists. The commander in chief of the largest imperialist force on planet earth is a black man for God’s sake…

I don’t know what else I can do about this sorry situation apart from blog it.

Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated, whatever your skin tone might be.

Nuit Debout London: CHALK WARS

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Two people arrested opposite Downing St…FOR CHALKING!

NB – this is NOT satire.

See the footage, livestreamed by Occupy News Network  at Nuit Debout London last night, here (1st arrest, 13 minutes in):

Footage of the second arrest can be viewed here:

A petition has been started, asking Sadiq Khan to ‘make chalk legal to use n public spaces‘.

I’m struggling to believe it has really come to this.

I’m not sure how much more absurdity I can take.


If you haven’t heard about Nuit Debout and the Global Debout yet, you might want to check out the Alternative Media List, for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.

Almost 100 recommendations for more interesting, useful, credible, relevant and reliable sources:

#GlobalDebout – Updates

Nuit Debout website:

00.25 Pheonix Rising roundup from Nuit Debout London – confirms TWO arrests earlier – for chalking on the pavement.

23.06 Wow. Two people have apparently been arrested for chalking at Nuit Debout London Night Assembly (13.30secs in)

Continue reading #GlobalDebout – Updates


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If you haven’t heard about Nuit Debout and the Global Debout yet, you might want to check out the Alternative Media List, for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.

Almost 100 recommendations for more interesting, useful, credible, relevant and reliable sources:



#GlobalDebout? #15M? Media Blackout Much?

There are now hundreds of cities in 25 countries around the world prepping for the next global wave of democratic, people powered resistance to the emergent fascist global order and there’s been barely a dicky bird from the 1% media. That’s to be expected, but there’s not been much on social media or alt channels in the UK either. What is up with that?
Have you heard about #NuitDebout, or the #GlobalDebout next week, 15th May? #15M? If not, why not? (Please answer in the comments if you can be arsed).

pavement of truth flags

The French didn’t go for the Occupy movement like the UK and US did in 2011 because they were expecting a “left wing government” to get into power. They got their ‘left-wing government’ and are now apparently sorely disappointed by it, hence #NuitDebout.

Has this polarity now inverted? Are we in the UK now so enamoured by comrade Corbyn that we overestimate his capacity to actually change things?  Do we really believe in the farcical pantomime of Westmonster? Do we really think that Jeremy Corbyn can turn around the multinational corporate behemoths which have robbed Parliament of any actual power? Are we in the UK really going to sit on our arses and wait for sometime after 2020 to start realising all this again?

The most compelling part of Corbyn’s message for me is about the need for people to get active in their daily lives, outside of party politics. He is a lifelong, grassroots activist. A legend. I think he’s a great guy, I really like him but he can’t save us. No PM can save us. Because corporate bankster governance. Because capitalism.
No Government can save us. WE have to save us.

Corbyn would probably agree with me, we should all be involved in creating something amazing this May 15th. Real democracy – by the people, for the people, on the streets and in the squares of the whole world, together.

If there isn’t a Global Debout group set up in your local area already, why not start one? In the UK, there are currently groups mobilising in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. One week to go. ish.

You might have a right giggle. 🙂 You might change the world… 😮

Will this be the wave that crashes the 1%’s global monopoly game? Probably not, but are we ready for postcapitalism? I’m starting to think we might be…

Keep it lit beautiful humans – stay safe, look after each other.

Love Activists and Opsafe Brighton: STREET STORIES EXHIBITION – Poster/Flyer

Ann Narkeh Media is very proud of this flyer/poster, which was put together in collaboration with Love Activists Brighton for the Street Stories exhibition, which they are co-facilitating with Opsafe Brighton in Brighton Art Market, Saturdays in May.

“Exhibiting photographs of people’s experiences of different types of homelessness

Every Saturday in May, come along to share your own stories and to hear other peoples

Everybody is invited to write in the book of street stories, to share past and present experiences with our community 

The exhibition will be facilitated by Love Activists Brighton and OpSafe Brighton, in solidarity with the homeless folk of Brighton & Hove”

To download,  right-click >> “save image as…”



greyscaled for print:




and the front cover for the Street Stories book: