#BasicIncome is a Basic WINcome! [The Occupied Sun Says…]


os_says_policiesnotpersonalities_basicwincomeThe Occupied Sun Says… Policies NOT Personalities!

If the world’s tabloid churnalists focused on solutions to the challenges that lie ahead (instead of what Trump or some other false idol just tweeted), we would be in an infinitely better position to face these challenges.

Here’s just one of many solutions that aren’t getting anywhere near enough airtime;

Basic WINcome!


1) A Basic Income would help us rethink how & why we work. It would help each of us to decide what it is we truly want to do.
2) It would contribute to better working conditions. With the insurance of having unconditional basic income as a safety net, workers could challenge their employers if
they found their conditions of work unfair or degrading.
3) Basic Income would downsize bureaucracy, making it less complex and costly, while being fairer and more emancipatory.
4) It would make benefit fraud obsolete because no-one needs to commit fraud (or other crime) to get a Basic Income: because it is granted automatically. An Unconditional Basic Income would also fix the threshold and poverty trap effects induced by the current means-tested schemes.
5) Basic Income would help reduce inequality in this country and worldwide!
6) It would provide a more secure and substantial safety net for all people. Where most existing means-tested anti-poverty schemes exclude many people because of their complexity, with a basic income, everybody’s rights would automatically be guaranteed.
7) Basic Income would contribute to less working hours and better distribution of jobs without sacrificing income. Everybody would be able to spend more time doing meaningful things, there would be more jobs for people who want (rather than need) employment.
8) It would reward and encourage all the free contributions people make to our society.
9) Basic Income would be a much, much fairer redistribution of technological advancement.
10) It would strengthen and invigorate REAL democracy.

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#UBI #BasicIncome

Universal Basic Income, Unconditional Basic Income.


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