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Stay Alert to Baffling Kafka-esque Mindfuckery [memes]

Stay Alert to UK Gov. plc, their chums in corporate media and their propensity for utter mindfuckery.

I saw UK Gov. plc have dropped their ‘Stay at Home’ advice, despite the UK’s Coronavirus deathtoll being the worst in Europe and the second worst in the world. I also noticed how they’ve adopted another shit slogan, replete with easily memable graphic but I just couldn’t be arsed to try to mock it.

Didn’t seem worth the effort.

Then I saw this, on point tweet from @ElliotElinor:

followed shortly by a slew of people doing the obvious memes, then this hilariously heroic effort from @oitappin:

Wonderfully expressed exactly how I was feeling about it and made me laugh for the first time in a while. Between these two great tweets, I felt obliged to at least have a go. At first I was like, “well they wanted it to sound like *this*, don’t they?

But then you have to worry about this being too close to what UK Gov.plc actually want the general public to take from their mixed messaging and how unhelpful it could be, given the amount of stupid (and nasty) people currently living in the UK…this is the bind of #PostSatire. You don’t want to inadvertently give ‘them’ ideas.

So I had a little think and then I was just like:

…which actually made me giggle. Maybe this is good enough to share now. Maybe I should make more. Who knows? It really is difficult to create Post Satire right now. Hats off to everybody still managing to find actual lulz in the midst of all this horror.

Maybe one more…

Night night all. I might update this if I can come up with any more. Stay safe. Stay home as much as you can. Protect the NHS. Save Lives. Practice Mutual Aid. Be excellent to each other and Stay Alert to UK Gov. plc, their chums in corporate media and their propensity for utter mindfuckery.

3am update. Think I figured out what ‘Control The Virus means’.


4am. Still alert. Is this one funny, or just more #PostSatire?

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