Occupy The Arms Fair

Occupy The Arms Fair

I was approached by some fellow occupiers from Occupy Democracy to help out with the back office for Occupy The Arms Fair.

Campaign Against The Arms Trade and Stop The Arms Fair had organised a week of action to blockade the Excel centre, which played host to DSEI, the world’s largest arms fair in September.

The actions were supported by a great many individuals and campaign groups. Occupy Democracy maintained a 24/7 presence at the barricades.

I created the fedbook banner above and produced this short promotional video:

I also made this ‘Lord of War’ spoof poster:


I collaborated with Tarpaulin Simon and Obi from Occupy News Network to download, edit and produce video updates from their livestreams of the occupation.

In total, I put together 27 videos that week and got my production time down to under an hour from downloading the live broadcast to uploading the edited clips. There were a couple of very minor mistakes with the editing, but overall I’m very proud of them.

I also produced and published a unique The Occupied Sun front page for each day of the occupation;





OSendthismadness  OSArms2Renewables


By Ann Narkeh

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