Dear internet: if you’re able, please help.


Hello internet.

In brief: This laptop is on it’s last legs and can no longer produce audio or video. It can barely browse the interwebs anymore. Also, my health is deteriorating. I have a degenerative condition which affects my mobility. This has been exacerbated by years of sofasurfing. I want to continue being a productive digital artivist, but could do with some support, if you’re able.

Two years ago, I was able to download, edit and reupload videos from Occupy Democracy comrades, who occupied and livestreamed from Stop The Arms Fair’s week of action against the biennial #DSEI arms fair in London.

I was able to create 27 videos that week and got my production time down to under an hour, from downloading the live broadcasts to uploading the edited clips via The Occupied Sun’s youtube channel. I created video, web banners and a brandalised film poster to promote the occupation and published a unique The Occupied Sun front page matching the theme of each day’s action. I’d like to be able to do the same but better in terms of amplifying the peace movement’s efforts for this year’s week of action, September 4th-12th.

I launched this website in January 2016, to start collecting and organising all my doings into one place and to start accepting contributions.

In January 2017 in the face of apparent ghostbanning and digital censorship, I redoubled my efforts on all fronts, creating and publishing original content each day of that month. My trusty laptop finally collapsed under the strain. This was the machine I had been using for graphics, animations, video, sound and music. It had been becoming increasingly difficult to do anything except write and make graphics as the processor began to struggle with sound and video.

Fortunately, I was gifted this laptop, which has allowed me to struggle on thus far, albeit with significantly limited software and hardware capabilities. It can’t handle DAW/audio/music software, but had been just about able to create basic, short videos.

Now however, this machine too is on the verge of collapse. It can’t handle creating video at all anymore.

Because of this, my rate of creative output has dwindled over the course of the year, to the point where the last two videos (here and here) took about a week each to make and the resolution was disappointing by the final render.

I updated everything and cleaned it up but it’s made matters worse. I think the last update made the software too heavy for the processor. Even web browsing is now becoming difficult.

I know that in perspective, it’s not an ’emergency’ at all. If Ann Narkeh stops being able to make stuff, I’ll carry on with whatever tools are available and almost certainly find other things to do. But of all the things I’ve done, Ann Narkeh’s have been the most impactful and felt the most right. I’m proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish with your support. I’ve learned a lot and I have loads of ideas for new, better content;

  • I want to start producing regular, alternative headline news reports again, but better.
  • I want to promote solution based thinking and doing.
  • I want to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis.
  • I want to produce materials to help stop international terrorism and war.

My network and platform have expanded and my skills have developed but my capacity to create quality stuff has diminished. It’s most frustrating, hence writing this letter.

I enjoy using the digital skills I’ve developed and would very much like to be able to keep creating things and stuff under these auspices.  What I really want is to be able to make the best stuff I possibly can, including video and music.

To do this, I need a powerful laptop loaded with the necessary software to produce video and ideally music again.

But I’m skint.

Too skint to acquire a new laptop, let alone a powerful laptop loaded with the necessary software.

I’ve been sofasurfing and surviving hand to mouth for about 5 or 6 years now, I’ve lost count.  My health is deteriorating. I could really do with raising a deposit for a place of my own and a decent #BasicIncome too, but that’s a big ask. One kind subscriber recently set up a £2 monthly contribution. If everybody put in a quid a month I could sign off the dole, get a laptop and a flat, eat well and start funding other people’s eatings and doings!

Despite my disadvantages, I’m still a relatively privileged white man in a suffering, dying world. I’m lucky to have been born in a country which still has a welfare system, as battered as it is. I’m lucky to have friends and family who love and support me by letting me share their spaces. Everybody’s struggling, so I’m uncomfortable asking for further support. For many years, I operated a strict no money, no profit rule, but it wore me down and burnt me out.

I’m infinitely grateful to the comrades who persuaded me to compromise and start accepting contributions from those who are able. I’m humbled that whenever I’ve had to ask, good people have come through for me. When the subscription for this website came up recently and I didn’t have it, you paid it for me. When I ran out of cash last month and when I was sanctioned by the DWP, you kept me fed and watered.

I wouldn’t be able to have reached so many people without all the likes, shares and comments I’ve received either. Thankyou all so much for your emotional and material contributions to my doings.

Your generosity and support so far has been humbling. I’m really chuffed that you like the stuff and things that I make and do. I’m still determined not to become a feckless, breadheaded anarcho-capitalist and will continue to limit sending the hat round for ’emergencies’ only.

If you’re skint too but want to help, please pass the hat on by sharing this letter.

If you’re able, please sling me a few quid towards refurbing or replacing this laptop, so I can get stuck into making r3VOLutionary animations, video, sound and music again.

If you’re regularly flush, setting up a monthly micro-contribution gets me closer to generating my own #BasicIncome and signing off the dole.

Love, respect, gratitude,

Ann Narkeh


An awesome, generous comrade has ordered me a new laptop! I should receive it and be returning to full production mode in the next few days. You know who you are and you rock – thankyou so much! I’m going to leave this post up for posterity (and because I’m still flat broke..)

Any and all contributions towards Ann Narkeh Media’s doings would still be most gratefully received.



Help Keep Ann Narkeh Media Online

Friends, comrades, netizens, I need a little help if any of you are able.

Almost a year ago, I registered this domain, with wordpress on their basic package – £22 per year. That year is now almost up, but like everybody, I’m flat broke and struggling to find the money to keep myself going, (let alone pay to keep this url for another year).

If you’re able, please consider making a micro-contribution via paypal to help keep Ann Narkeh Media online. Any surplus contributions will be put towards reconditioning this ancient laptop before it finally falls to bits.

If you’re also skint, likes and shares are very much appreciated too.



Seize The Memes of Production!

In the current Orwellian, TrumpistaniPost-BREXIT, Post-Truth, Post-Satire, Post-Apocalyptic socio-political cultural landscape, it is vital right now that we netizens of all backgrounds and persuasions engage in rational, truthful discussion with each other – as difficult as this can often be.

Humanity has been gifted the most awesome communications tool ever created, but thus far we have been using it mostly to share pictures of cats and other funny but pointless memes…




noun: meme; plural noun: memes
  1. 1.
    an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. 2.
    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Memes (especially funny ones) are powerful.

The internet offered us all the ability to express ourselves with unprecedented nuance, which we were woefully underprepared for. This new technology has revealed an overwhelming plethora of beliefs, ideas and perspectives, challenging everything we thought we knew about the human condition.

Hence cat pics, trolls, meme wars and now, ‘Fake News’…the latest phase of the establishment resisting our rising consciousness.

The difficult conversations which need to happen right now are being made yet more difficult by the phenomenon of ‘ideological echo chambers’. Harmonious group of people developing tunnel vision by virtue of social media marketing algorithms. filterbubbles

Overall awareness suffers when people have a narrow information base. The longer we spend in our safe little bubbles reinforcing our beliefs about the nature of reality, the harder the conversations which we urgently need to have outside those bubbles become; the more entrenched and dogmatic we become in our beliefs and the more we resist engaging in anything but vitriolic expressions of fear and hatred towards those who would dare disagree with us.

As Adam Curtis puts it, people have come to thinking that the point of it all is to simply agree or disagree with things.  So, we either hide in our ‘safe spaces’, or argue with people who disagree with us, within prescribed parameters of a controlled debate.


Meanwhile, multiple apocalyptic, extinction level crises are still converging.

***If you’d rather keep your head in the sand, stop reading now***


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Fundraising Appeal [Contributions]

Ann Narkeh Media receives no funding – which is good because it means I’m in control of what I publish, but also means I’m mostly flat broke.

If you enjoy the content I create, please consider making a contribution, cheers.
Contribute Button

If you’re also skint, likes and shares are very much appreciated too.


Massive thanks to everybody who’s supported the stuff and things I do. You’re the best!



Alternative Media List

From the outrageous conspiraloonies on Above Top Secret, to the earth shatteringly credible revelations of Wikileaks… Independent Bloggers, Vloggers, Authors, Citizen Journalists, Researchers, Photographers, Film Makers, Philosophers, Politicians and Livestreamers.

Individuals and Organisations, working together to reclaim our reality from the corporatocracy!

This list is by no means comprehensive. Keep sending me recommendations, and I’ll keep routinely updating.


Last updated: 10-8-17

political ladvisory

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Welcome to Ann Narkeh Media


Ann Narkeh is an Occupier, Love Activist and Compassionate Revolutionary. An artivist; activist, artist, post satirist and citizen journalist, who livestreams interesting things and creates original multimedia campaign materialswriting, brandalism, video, animations and music, using virtually all freeware, digital tools you can download and use yourself for FREE!

giphy (8)

All content is offered to the interwebz for free. There is no advertising or distribution budget. Likes, shares, comments and contributions are very much appreciated, thankyou!

Any adverts not created by Ann Narkeh Media are from wordpress.


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Wishlist 2016

This is a list of all the stuff wot I need to be more productive and of what your contributions have gone towards this year.

If you can help out with any of this lot I would be eternally grateful.

Infinite thanks to everybody who has made a contribution towards getting this stuff together – I’ve put a line through the things that I’ve acquired through you good people’s generosity this year.


  • More Ideas – collaborators for betterer creative content.
  • Sponsorship – not all people with money are scumbags
  • More distributors. (Followers/subscribers/likers/sharers/propagators of the good word from Ann Narkeh Media).


  • More powerful, faster, quieter laptop (that isn’t falling to bits).
  • Spare batteries for laptop/portable charge.
  • Better (faster) video editing software – Camtasia ideally…will approach them for sponsorship I guess…
  • Solar panels
  • Leisure battery/inverter
  • Biolite stove
  • Water filter
  • New battery & screen for Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone (or replace? it’s already been reconditioned once and is pretty nackered…)
  • USB cables for smartphone
  • Portable 12v USB power packs



I’d also like to invest in;

Register the domain name for this website: To get rid of the bit in the url. One year – £22  Hooray! I thiiink the adverts have gone too!

WordPress premium plan: To  get rid of the adverts (still not sure if the adverts are gone – please ping me if you see one), to be able to host videos, to increase storage capacity and to unlock site customisation.

One year premium – £85


GiffGaff Data/Airtime

So I can broadcast live anytime.

One year 12X £20 giffgaff unlimited airtime goody bags – £240
(when I’ve had airtime this year, it has been by virtue of your contributions, thankyoo!)


Between £5 and £10 per day X 365 days – £1825 – £3650
It’s been a real struggle to stay productive at times, particularly when sanctioned – but I’m getting £140 ESA a fortnight and am starting to get back on top of my finances a bit now. 


So I can have a place to work from and to sleep in without having to rely on friends and family’s generosity.

£500 – £1k per month X 12 months – £6k-£12k…(though to be honest if someone actually gave me that much I’d probably invest in/save it to  buy some land…with residential planning…)


Technical [List of Freeware for Digital Creatives]

UPDATED 20.5.17

For anybody that’s interested in what kit I’m using, or who just wants to find FREE tools to express themselves with.

I am immeasurably grateful to all the open source, freeware developers and communities for providing all the FREE tools I use.

Much respect to you all.

These days, I’m almost exclusively working on Linux Ubuntu.



pixler is a FREE basic image editor that runs from your browser (no need to install).




I’m mostly using GIMP at the moment.

GIMP is a much more powerful, FREE open source image editor.


1001 free fonts is an excellent resource, with over 30, 000 FREE custom fonts.

Giphy is another cool tool which runs from your browser. I’ve just started using it to learn how to make .gifs (animated memes) . Which is much fun.



I’m currently using kdenlive – which is FREE open source video editing software.


Previously, I was using a FREE month’s trial of camtasia, sadly that expired. Camtasia is excellent software, but unfortunately quite expensive to buy.

For sourcing, I refer mostly to wikimedia, the Prelinger archives, creative commons and of course, youtube.

I use the FREE 4k video downloader and YTD Video Downloader to rip video.



I’ve mostly been using an ancient, FREE trial of Cubase SX since 2003, with a bunch of FREE open source plugs and softsynths. (should update really, recommendations welcome)!

I’m particularly fond of greenoaks’ FREE Crystal softsynth, which is awesome.

I like cooledit pro for any extreme finetuning/sound sculpture/design.

I know how to run logic, but I don’t like it very much.

For voice synthesis, I’ve been using from text to speech , which is a FREE service which runs from your browser. It creates mp3s which don’t sound too lovely, but are workable once beefed up a bit.

Livestreaming Video

I occasionally stream to my bambuser channel using the giffgaff network.

£20 buys you one month of unlimited data on a giffgaff ‘pay as you go’ sim.

giffgaff offers FREE calls and texts to other giffgaff phones, so long as you top up once every three months.

  • ALL Ann Narkeh’s doings are created and offered to the interwebz for FREE!
  • If you’re able, please consider making a contribution, thankyouplease.


About Ann Narkeh

The creative ego of a privileged white anarchist unleashed…

I chose the pseudonym Ann Narkeh because;

  1. I thought it was quite funny.
  2. I want to detach my personal ego from my work  as much as possible.
  3. The meaning of the word ‘anarchy’ has been much maligned, I want my work to reassert it’s true meaning (see below).
  4. As a heterosexual male, I thought it might be a good way to challenge patriarchy and assumptions about gender and sexual identity, while being quite funny.


I had long supported deep ecology and the peace movement, The Zeitgeist Movement since 2008 and had co-founded Occupy Brighton in 2011.

After burning out by late 2012, my focus had drifted into survival mode and I’d become somewhat apathetic, overwhelmed, depressed, resigned and unproductive. I got what Adam Curtis has described as the socially transmitted disease of ‘oh dearism’.

In October 2014, I was inspired as much by  Occupy Democracy‘s bold ambition as I was appalled by the state’s violent crackdown on them for daring to dream. I joined the tarpaulin revolution – the first nine day occupation of Parliament Square in October 2014. I attended the ongoing monthly occupations and committed to refocusing all of my creative energy  and skills into producing media to support the rƎVOLution

I co-founded Occupy The Media Billionaires at Tarpaulin Square. I launched The Occupied Sun in collaboration with the group and produced content for various other doings, which I am documenting on this website.

2015 was probably my most productive year yet, but I’ve never been very good at cataloguing my work and I am not interested in making money out of it. However, I also know that I could be much more productive if I had a less chaotic routine, and if I wasn’t struggling to eat half the time…

This website is an effort  to start keeping track of all the stuff and things I’ve done/am doing, to get better organised and to start accepting contributions from people who want to support me and my work.

But profit is the enemy?

For many years now, I have worked towards renouncing the profit motive, and thus I have avoided engaging with the sort of financial bureaucracy necessary for me to accept contributions – I have been persuaded by various comrades to compromise on this front, in order to become more stable/productive.*

I’ve put together a set of New Year’s Resolutions. Basically, I’m going to experiment with being a breadhead, completely reversing my longstanding ‘no profit’ policy. It’s going to be a bit of a battle to get back on-grid, as I’ve been half off it for years now – but I’m up for having a go/seeing what happens…I’m going to find out if it helps me become a more productive activist, or if it turns me to the dark side (!).

So, if you dig my stuff so far and want to help me keep producing, you can commission me to produce something original for your campaign. (Or, if you’re loaded you could just give me some money and I will spend it on food, equipment and other things I need to survive).


I’ll keep a public record of any monies received and will still be undertaking bespoke, reLOVEutionary productions for social, economic and environmental justice, pro-bono (for free).

*note for ‘intellectuals’/economists/monetary reformists/purist freegans/militant anti-capitalists…: Renouncing the profit motive entirely was the most insightful life choice I ever made, but I accept that I have become quite dogmatic and purist about this, which is never a good thing.**


28 August 2016 – So far this year, I’ve received about £500 in contributions via the paypal button. I’ll get a more precise figure together next time I update this. Your contributions kept me going while I was sanctioned and I’m currently living on £140 a fortnight ESA.

I don’t thiiink I’m turning to the darkside, but then I haven’t really done that well at becoming a breadhead tbh…

The contributions have been mostly reinvested in livestreaming airtime, on purchasing the domain name for this site and on feeding/watering/caffeining/nicotining and keeping my mobile. Huge thanks to everybody who’s made a contribution, I’m keeping a record of where the money’s going on my wishlist.

If you’re keen to collaborate on something, or to bung me some spending credits, get in touch using the form below, or the paypal button in the sidebar.

Peace, Love, Respect, Anarchy.


29 August 2016
Maybe I wasn’t being dogmatic and purist about it – maybe capitalism’s just never been natural to me…

giphy (8)