Murdoch STILL Wants ALL the Things! [The Occupied Sun]

THE PLANET'S PREMIER PROPAGANDIST IS AT IT AGAIN. Like a textbook Bond villain, Rupert Murdoch is hellbent on controlling our world's perception of reality.

WHAT CAN I DO? Episode 1, Look After Yourself First. [NEW VIDEO SERIES]

"What Can I Do?" is a series of short video clips presented by a Compassionate Artificial Intelligence called, H.O.P.E. (Holistic, Optimistic, Pacifistic, Evolutionary). H.O.P.E. is scripted by an anonymous hivemind and produced by Ann Narkeh Media, for the lulz.

The 1% Media’s Headlies Scream: FEAR, HATE and CO2LONIALISM [The Occupied Sun]

#Deadvertise* NOW to #StopFundingHate and Climate Destruction *Boycott corrupt media. Boycott corrupt media's advertisers. Tell them why you are boycotting them. Tell your friends and family why you are boycotting them. Resist the destruction of our planet. Stop the 1%.