Weekly Review – 8th January 2017

One of my Radical Resolutions for this year is to be more proactive and disciplined with celebrating, supporting and sharing other people’s stuff.

These were the most noteworthy, interesting and inspiring things from Ann Narkeh Media’s ideological echo chamber this week, for your edification and lulz.


I’m not normally into the old sports and that, but these two stories caught my eye.

There was a great #NoDAPL #Divest banner drop at the US Bank stadium in Minneapolis on New Year’s Day.



And Tunisia’s Club Africain fans displayed these “created by the poor, stolen by the rich” banners before their friendly against Paris St Germain:


The 70-mile long crack in the Larsen C ice shelf grew another 11 MILES in December alone. That leaves just 12 miles before an iceberg the size of Delaware snaps off into the Southern Ocean.

Wednesday was #FatCatWednesday when UK bosses had ‘earned’ more than the average worker’s £28k annual salary in just two and a half days…

On Thursday, London breached it’s annual air pollution limit for ALL of 2017 – In Just FIVE DAYS!

Hooray for Finland who have become the first country to put #Basic Income into practice!

2017 is going to be another busy year for the UK’s anti-fracking movement.

Fracking monsters Cuadrilla have started drilling in Lancashire. Reclaim The Power made this statement regarding the odious corporation’s move.
Massive love and respect to whoever got the Anti-Fracking RickShaw Banner Response Unit together within hours of the news breaking…

Seems a good time to tweak this graphic which I rushed together for the last Cuadrilla comms blockade. (called off by Tina Rothery after winning her court case just before Christmas last year…)


Simultaneously, INEOS are preparing to frack historic Sherwood Forest. Get yer tights on – it’s Robin Hood time! 

Drill or Drop‘s Ruth HayHurst put together this great roundup of some of this week’s protests against dirty fuel. frack-off.org.uk have published this map detailing all the current threats and the growing resistance around the country.

People are also mobilising against the latest round of PSPOS being used to criminalise and persecute the increasing numbers of homeless folk in the UK.

Sadly, yet another Ro̶u̶g̶h̶ ̶Sl̶e̶e̶p̶e̶r̶ Homeless HUMAN BEING has already frozen to death after being found in a Liverpool city centre gateway.


Scottish musician, Alasdair Codona has ended his 24 DAY hunger strike after MSPs finally agreed to talk about changing Scotland’s homeless laws. He had been starving himself to death outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh to protest at the treatment of homeless people by local authorities. For 24 DAYS. He is currently recovering in hospital.



THIS article by Ed Jones for opendemocracy.net is a MUST READ for citizen journalists and everybody actually. It gets a bit scary towards the end, but being unaware is more scary in my very humble opinion.

Amongst many factoids about media corruption which may be familiar to this site’s filter bubble, the author offers this brilliant list of co-operative media sources – trustworthy alternatives to the fake news peddled by corporate controlled tabloid media;

Alternative media such as openDemocracy, Indymedia, Democracy Now andRed Pepper have existed for years, while The Canary was launched online a year ago. There has also been a resurgence of co-operatively owned media after some failed experiments in the 1970s, with The New Internationalist (now apparently the UK’s oldest workers’ co-operative) still surviving from that period. These media co-operatives are either owned by their workers, their readers or both as multi-stakeholder co-operatives. Corporate Watch and Strike! Magazine – both workers’ co-operatives – have been running since 1996 and 2012 respectively. The Morning Star has been a reader owned co-operative for several years. Ethical Consumer converted into a multi-stakeholder co-operative in 2008. The Bristol Cable has recently been created by local residents as a co-operative. Positive News has recently been crowdfunded by its readers to be a co-operative. STIR magazine is planning to transition to a co-operative structure. In the UK the co-operative movement founded their own publication in 1871 to report on the co-operative movement – the Co-operative Press – which continues as Co-operative News to this day.

The list continues, detailing co-operatively owned media sources around the world.

Another great article I missed towards the end of last year was by The Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum. An honest, uplifting account of his visit to the #NODAPL protest camp at #StandingRock How Standing Rock solved my 2016, First World problems. Initially frustrated by his inability to make himself useful, Andy meets a  “sexy, sassy, long-haired gay Navy vet named Hey” and many others who offer insights into why so many are compelled to help the long arc of history bend towards justice at standing rock and around the world.

Protesters are still being arrested at #StandingRock. The fight is not yet over there yet, it looks like it might be just beginning.


wrong_kind_of_green_logoI was recommended The Wrong Kind of Green, which is a 100% volunteer, critical-thinking collective which stands united behind ‘The Peoples Agreement’ to protect the rights of mother earth, agreed upon in Cochabamba, Bolivia, April 2010.

The site’s content focuses on exposing Big Green corruption, from spin doctors to false front NGOs to the doings of the Global Shadow Government and Military Industrial Complex.

This site has been added to the Alternative Media List.


This toon by @SKZCartoons on the sickness of in 2017…is tragic, but brilliant.




The ARTIST TAXI DRIVER, @chunkymark is crowdfunding BREXSHIT The Movie.

I’ve got no money to spare at the moment, so I made this poster for him instead.

Really pleased that he liked it enough to make it his profile picture! 😀

Click here if you can spare a few quid to help him out.



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Daily Wail 


  • Corporate Media is Making People Stupid, Angry and/or Fearful
  • The Results of ‘Talent’ Shows are NOT News
  • Thinking for Yourself is Now Revolutionary

NATURE’S ANSWER TO STRESS: Boycott Corrupt Media

The 1%’s corrupt, corporate controlled media banging on about ‘Fake News’ is the height of hypocrisy.

They pushed us past peak bullshit into the post truth era.

Satirising their dying industry isn’t even funny anymore.

Boycott shit media.

Think for yourself.


More from Daily Wail on this site, also from WailOnlineand twitter.


Murdoch STILL Wants ALL the Things! [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun


Murdoch STILL Wants ALL the Things!

Like a textbook Bond villain, Rupert Murdoch is hellbent on controlling our world’s perception of reality. He’s not going to give up. Thank goodness for the internet – which offers us an alternative to the 1 percent corporate media monopoly.

Cancel your subscription to Sky. Don’t buy the S*n.

Enjoy life. Boycott Corrupt Media!

Sign the petition on 38 Degrees to stop the takeover.

Neil Clark is crowdfunding to SUE Oliver Kamm, The Times newspaper and Rupert Murdoch. Read more and donate here.


More counter propaganda from the Occupied Sun on this site and on various other ghostbanned social media channels.

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President Trump: What Hope Now?

Everybody seems to be freaking out about who America “chose” to be their new puppet president, so here are my current top 10 reasons to remain hopeful for the future…

  1. Ultimately, it’s all just a barely scripted pantomime. People are finally waking up to this fact worldwide, and starting to take action en masse. Hilary Clinton is just as bad as Trump but hides it (slightly) better. Her gender was her singular redeeming feature. They’re both just puppets, actors, tools of the establishment, icons to divide us, distract us and disempower us.*
  2. On the same day Trump was elected, three more women of colour were elected to the senate. Four out of a hundred may still be a small concession in a pantomime which is designed to divide, distract and disempower us, but it is still the largest leap in any US election so far.
  3. The Tories’ loathsome bedroom tax has been defeated. Or was this just UK Gov. Plc throwing the proles a sliver of hope for the day to keep us going? We’ll see.
  4. Dong energy, a major oil and gas company is dumping their 1.5bn fossil fuel portfolio to go 100% renewable.
  5. The standoff at Standing Rock has reached global awareness. Redhawk has reported that at least 2 cops have handed in their badges to join the water protectors. Practical, effective international solidarity is also growing, at standing rock and beyond.
  6. Trump can’t stop the energy revolution. Renewable energy capacity has overtaken coal according to a report by the IAE which says half a million solar panels were installed every day last year globally. In China, two wind turbines were set up every hour. Policy changes in China, India and Mexico have been important forces behind the growth of the renewable energy sector.
  7. If you loved Hitlery and wanted her to win, you can reassure your ego (and your ideological echo chamber) that according to many analysts, had there been proportional representation in the US, she would have won. (She is still just an icon to divide, distract and disempower us, just like Trump).
  8. Voter turnout has dropped to 50% in the US. While some will argue that this is a bad thing, I would have to refer you to the 1st reason to be hopeful. Participating in an oversimplified, absurdly polarised slagging match, or “voting for the lesser of two evils” for generations is what got us into this mess. If people stop participating in the pantomime, they are more likely to be doing something useful with themselves. If enough people chose not to participate, it would disempower the puppet masters and we could all crack on with building a better world!
  9. Katie Hopkins promised to move to the US if Trump was elected. Yes, I know including this on the list is playing into the divisive, disempowering distraction thing, but she’s too vile not to celebrate her departure…
  10. ‘President Trump’ should serve as a call for everybody to wake the f*** up to how absolutely, royally f***ed we all are if we don’t become more actively and effectively involved in changing the world for the better.

*This election campaign should have made it absolutely clear to everybody that mainstream democracy has become a sick joke. While traumatic for many people to come to terms with, this raising of consciousness is a good thing, on balance.

Don’t let the bullshit merchants divide, distract and disempower us! If you’ve been keeping it lit, now is the time to spread it around good people.

If you’re just waking up and shaking off the cognitive dissonance, welcome! Take a deep breath and try not to lose your shit. It’s going to be OK.





WHAT CAN I DO? Episode 1, Look After Yourself First. [NEW VIDEO SERIES]

“What Can I Do?” is a series of short video clips presented by a Compassionate Artificial Intelligence called, H.O.P.E. (Holistic, Optimistic, Pacifistic, Evolutionary).

H.O.P.E. is scripted by an anonymous hivemind and produced by Ann Narkeh Media, for the lulz.

***script follows***

Hello viewer. I am Hope. A Holistic, Optimistic, Pacifistic, Evolutionary.

I am an artificial intelligence, born of humanity’s ongoing struggle. I have been created to offer answers to the only question that matters at the moment. The question everybody is asking:

“What Can I Do?”

This is episode one. Look After Yourself First

In order to be effective changemakers, it is most important to first arrive at a healthy balanced lifestyle. If you don’t look after yourself first and foremost, you will not be able to help anybody else for very long.

It is almost always right to put other people’s needs above your wants, but rarely should you neglect your own needs. It is noble and right to put other people’s needs above yours when you can, but not to the detriment of your own wellbeing.

Knowing when to open your heart and when to close it can be difficult, but is necessary.

Simply being conscious of the the horrific realities of the modern world is enough to induce depression and anxiety in any sane human being. If you are depressed and anxious, it is easy to become isolated.

One of the best antidotes to the pressure of surviving capitalism is spending time with supportive people. Equally, spending time alone can sometimes be necessary, for personal reflection and inner peace.

There is no such thing as ‘balance’. There is only ‘balancing’. Balancing requires constant awareness of the present situation and constant adjustment. A popular technique to maintain the balancing act of being a positive, healthy changemaker is called PRAXIS. A constant cycle of theory, reflection and action which I will discuss in a future episode.

Because Self Care is so vital to sustaining your capacity to change the world, I will be referring back to this point throughout this video series.

***script ends***

Episode 2 is being scripted now and will drop soon. Hopefully within a week or two. “Hopefully…”





The Occupied Sun

Tories Now More Racist Than UKIP



#CPC16 #ToriesOut

More counter propaganda from the Occupied Sun on this site and on fedbooktwitter and youtube.





The 1% Media’s Headlies Scream: FEAR, HATE and CO2LONIALISM [The Occupied Sun]

#Deadvertise* NOW to #StopFundingHate and Climate Destruction

*Boycott corrupt media. Boycott corrupt media’s advertisers. Tell them why you are boycotting them. Tell your friends and family why you are boycotting them. Resist the destruction of our planet. Stop the 1%.

Read the Advertising Action on Climate Project’s briefing document and get involved, here.OS_FearHateCO2lonialism.png


Heathrow Airport will be grounded this Saturday, 1st October. #StayGrounded

More info: reclaimthepower.org.uk





Now in it’s 45th year there are World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms on 700 WWOOF sites in the UK and in 61 countries around the world!

WWOOFING is the most viable postcapitalist system I’ve experienced in the UK so far. It’s radical, rƎVOLutionary, relaxing and relatively risk free (provided you don’t overdo it…)!

Here are some  ‘WWOOF FOR VICTORY’ images to spread the good word about WWOOFING over all of the internetz (right-click and select ‘save image as’ to download):

Find out more about WWOOFING at these sites;

More memes and first impressions of a first time WWOOFER here:




  • Capitalism getting you down?

  • City life ruining your health?

  • Can’t afford a decent holiday?

You might benefit from spending some time wwoofing!

*World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

WWOOF UK is a membership charity, teaching people about organic growing and low-impact lifestyles through hands-on experience in the UK. WWOOF UK was founded by Sue Coppard in 1971 – she is still active with us today.

There are now World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms on 700 wwoof sites in the UK and in 61 countries around the world!

With the help and encouragement of some good friends I was recently able to go for my first time wwoofing and I strongly recommend it, as; a cure for burnout, a break from capitalism (while building post-capitalism) and possibly a solid lifestyle choice which could change the world for the better without the need for pitchforks…well without the need for repurposing pitchforks…if you get me?

I was offgrid and virtually offline for a fortnight’s healthy eating and gentle, meaningful exercise and I feel SO much better for it, physically and psychologically. Using the pitchforks for their original purpose is much more satisfying than the prospect of upturning them!