• Capitalism getting you down?

  • City life ruining your health?

  • Can’t afford a decent holiday?

You might benefit from spending some time wwoofing!

*World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms

WWOOF UK is a membership charity, teaching people about organic growing and low-impact lifestyles through hands-on experience in the UK. WWOOF UK was founded by Sue Coppard in 1971 – she is still active with us today.

There are now World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms on 700 wwoof sites in the UK and in 61 countries around the world!

With the help and encouragement of some good friends I was recently able to go for my first time wwoofing and I strongly recommend it, as; a cure for burnout, a break from capitalism (while building post-capitalism) and possibly a solid lifestyle choice which could change the world for the better without the need for pitchforks…well without the need for repurposing pitchforks…if you get me?

I was offgrid and virtually offline for a fortnight’s healthy eating and gentle, meaningful exercise and I feel SO much better for it, physically and psychologically. Using the pitchforks for their original purpose is much more satisfying than the prospect of upturning them!



Counting the Empty Buildings and Homeless People of Brighton and Hove

After livestreaming with Love Activists Brighton at the Housing and New Homes Committee meeting, I finally got around to filming a few of Brighton’s empty buildings, from halfway down North St to the top of St James St.

There were 16 visibly empty buildings in that short route – some long time derelict, some being refurbished.

Empty Buildings of Brighton 2-3-16

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, as it’s so blatant and deplorable a juxtaposition, when so many people are sleeping in the doorways of shops which have been covered in steel.

The people who are responsible for these spaces actually employ round the clock private security to protect their investments from people desperately in need of shelter.

This investment could be transferred to a homeless person as a 24-7 live-in property guardian, with a mutually vested interest in maintaining and improving the property, rather than protecting it while it rots and people die in their doorways.

Needless to say, there were also several people bedding down for a night sleeping rough in shop doorways and/or begging and/or in need of medical assistance from our massively overburdened, undervalued and underfunded NHS.

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Seeking Post-Capitalism in the UK

Brief Summary:

  • I’m hoping to crowdfund a modest budget to seek out, experience and document postcapitalism in the UK.
  • I plan to blog and vlog, filming and writing about my expedition(s), while broadcasting regular livestreams.
  • I plan to produce either a one-off documentary, or possibly a short series depending on the results.

I will be accompanied by Ree Melody of Love Activists Brighton who will be co-presenting with me. I have previously documented the Love Activists’ popular street kitchen in Brighton. Love Activism is arguably another example of post-capitalism in action in the UK.

Background: What is postcapitalism?

“According to some Classical Marxist and some social evolutionary theories, post-capitalist society may come about as a result of spontaneous evolution as capitalism becomes obsolete. Others propose models to intentionally replace capitalism”. – Wikipedia

Prominent British economics journalist, Paul Mason believes that organisations like wikipedia symbolise a world on the verge (or in the middle) of a revolution. Many economists agree that the economic system has become desperately dysfunctional: inequality is growing, climate change is accelerating and virtually everybody is righteously angry as hell about it.

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Wishlist 2016

This is a list of all the stuff wot I need to be more productive and of what your contributions have gone towards this year.

If you can help out with any of this lot I would be eternally grateful.

Infinite thanks to everybody who has made a contribution towards getting this stuff together – I’ve put a line through the things that I’ve acquired through you good people’s generosity this year.


  • More Ideas – collaborators for betterer creative content.
  • Sponsorship – not all people with money are scumbags
  • More distributors. (Followers/subscribers/likers/sharers/propagators of the good word from Ann Narkeh Media).


  • More powerful, faster, quieter laptop (that isn’t falling to bits).
  • Spare batteries for laptop/portable charge.
  • Better (faster) video editing software – Camtasia ideally…will approach them for sponsorship I guess…
  • Solar panels
  • Leisure battery/inverter
  • Biolite stove
  • Water filter
  • New battery & screen for Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone (or replace? it’s already been reconditioned once and is pretty nackered…)
  • USB cables for smartphone
  • Portable 12v USB power packs



I’d also like to invest in;

Register the domain name for this website: To get rid of the bit in the url. One year – £22  Hooray! I thiiink the adverts have gone too!

WordPress premium plan: To  get rid of the adverts (still not sure if the adverts are gone – please ping me if you see one), to be able to host videos, to increase storage capacity and to unlock site customisation.

One year premium – £85


GiffGaff Data/Airtime

So I can broadcast live anytime.

One year 12X £20 giffgaff unlimited airtime goody bags – £240
(when I’ve had airtime this year, it has been by virtue of your contributions, thankyoo!)


Between £5 and £10 per day X 365 days – £1825 – £3650
It’s been a real struggle to stay productive at times, particularly when sanctioned – but I’m getting £140 ESA a fortnight and am starting to get back on top of my finances a bit now. 


So I can have a place to work from and to sleep in without having to rely on friends and family’s generosity.

£500 – £1k per month X 12 months – £6k-£12k…(though to be honest if someone actually gave me that much I’d probably invest in/save it to  buy some land…with residential planning…)