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By Ann Narkeh.

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The Occupied Sun

A Day of Peaceful Action Against Aviation Expansion

  • Saturday, 1st October 2016, HEATHROW AIRPORT
  • Family Friendly Flashmob
  • Critical Mass Bike Block

Tell UK Gov. Plc & their chums in the aviation industry to #StayGrounded.
In solidarity with local and international groups, and in defence of climate and social justice all over the world, Reclaim the Power and others are calling for safe and peaceful action against the aviation industry, with a family-friendly flashmob and critical mass bike bloc at Heathrow airport.



Continue reading STOP AIRPORT EXPANSION [The Occupied Sun]

If Left Wing and Right Wing don’t respect each other…BIRD WON’T FLY

Expanding on the old anarchist proverb, left wing, right wing, same bird“…


Compassionate ReLOVEution NOW!

Real Democracy NOW!

Postcapitalism NOW!

What are left and right wing people? – A guide for under- 10-year olds

Things and Stuff to make and do…

Get to TRIDENT PLOUGHSHARES month long blockade of #AWE nuclear weapons factory in #Burghfield. Grand finale this Thursday 30th June – Trident is a RED LINE!







#TaxDisobey – Memes

Compassionate Revolution’s Golden Rule Tax Disobedience initiative – a call for mass tax disobedience. #TaxDisobey

Read more and pledge to join the action, here.

Coke-addled former chancer of the exchequer, George Osborne is up first…
(right click and select “save image as.” to download).


Pig Bothering Ex-PM, Dodgy Dave CamoronTAXDISOBEYCAMERON.png

The UK’s premier tax exile, Phillip GreenTAXDISOBEYgreen

Which other tax dodging hate magnets would be good to include in this meme series?

How Can We Reclaim Our Country’s DEMOCRACY From DICTATORSHIP? #TAXDISOBEY [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun

The Golden Rule: Those with The Gold Make The Rules…

Let’s turn that upside down.


Read more about the Golden Rule Tax Rebellion and take part at


More from the Occupied Sun on this site and on fedbooktwitter and youtube

Check out the Alternative Media List for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.

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Why Should We Pay Tax If the 1% Don’t? #TaxDisobey

The Daily Wail #TaxDisobey

The Golden Rule: Tax Rebellion Works!

It’s not about left and right anymore. it’s about right and wrong. It’s not about ancient dogmatic party politics. It’s about hierarchy. Top and bottom. It’s not about Dodgy Dave, it’s about justice.

The Golden Rule Tax Disobedience Initiative asks UK citizens to withhold a small amount of tax (through VAT or their tax return – everyone can join in) and the donate this to useful campaigns.

Principled tax activism has a long and distinguished history in circumstances where the state has shown itself to be incapable of defending the public interest. Read more and get involved at


To Save Our Planet, We Need a COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION!!! [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun

With the vision of a functioning democracy, sane economy and inclusive society, the Compassionate Revolution calls for rapid redistribution of wealth and power and a focus on the pressing issues of our age.

We are at our most powerful when we take action together, so Compassionate Revolution is a space where you can pledge collective acts of art, heart and civil disobedience.

Change happens when people collectively refuse a system that isn’t serving their interests.

Together we are irresistible!


More from the Occupied Sun on this site and on fedbook,twitter and youtube


KINDNESS is RADICAL…don’t be a dick!

The Occupied Sun

In This Selfish, Greedy Consumerist World Basic Compassion Has Become Revolutionary

A very basic analysis of recent history suggests that simply ‘not being a dick’ has become revolutionary.

Compassionate Revolutionaries of all description are taking the lead, nurturing the greenshoots of postcapitalism.

Celebrate and join the Love Activists, Occupiers and all of the Anonymous Opsafe crews.

Random acts of kindness are what will unfuck the world.


Check out the Alternative Media List for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.

80+ recommendations for more interesting, useful, credible, relevant and reliable sources:


Sick of e-petitions? [VIDEO]


Are you sick of signing e-petitions?

Pledge collective acts of art, heart, and civil disobedience to enable a Compassionate Revolution through the collective will of People Power!

“to assert the voices of ordinary people in a functioning democracy; rapidly and peacefully redistribute wealth & power; and focus on the pressing issues of our age”

cr heart

UPDATE: Very chuffed to hear that this video has been nominated for best campaign film in the Stroud TV Community awards!