A Day of Peaceful Action Against Aviation Expansion - Saturday, 1st October 2016 - Family Friendly Flashmob - Critical Mass Bike Block


If Left Wing and Right Wing don’t respect each other…BIRD WON’T FLY

Expanding on the old anarchist proverb, "left wing, right wing, same bird"... Compassionate ReLOVEution NOW! Real Democracy NOW! Postcapitalism NOW!

How Can We Reclaim Our Country’s DEMOCRACY From DICTATORSHIP? #TAXDISOBEY [The Occupied Sun]

The Golden Rule: Those with The Gold Make The Rules... Let's turn that upside down. Read more about the Golden Rule Tax Rebellion and take part at

Why Should We Pay Tax If the 1% Don’t? #TaxDisobey

The Golden Rule: Tax Rebellion Works! The Golden Rule Tax Disobedience Initiative asks UK citizens to withhold a small amount of tax (through VAT or their tax return - everyone can join in) and the donate this to useful campaigns.

To Save Our Planet, We Need a COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION!!! [The Occupied Sun]

With the vision of a functioning democracy, sane economy and inclusive society, the Compassionate Revolution calls for rapid redistribution of wealth and power and a focus on the pressing issues of our age.