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FAO: Red London

I like the Red London facebook page. A lot. It’s one of the best at balancing horrific truth with the need for lulz to cope. In a hysterical, hostile environment with a collapsing climate and fascists apparently emboldened, this is an increasingly difficult balancing act to maintain.

On Saturday, Bookmarks socialist bookstore in London was “ambushed” by far-right thugs, chanting “Trump” and “Make Britain Great Again”.  There is very little that is lulzworthy about this.

Without reading the full post, I watched and shared Red London’s mirror of the footage to a number of pages. Shortly after, I received the following message from a comrade via The Occupied Sun facebook page.

“Ginger is he? You’re lowering yourselves to their level, which is very sad. His hair colour has fuck all to do with anything, fascists.”

Confused and intrigued, I clicked through and read the full OP from Red London’s mirror of the video:

“painfully stupid crew of Alt-Right morons The People’s Charter Foundation – Make Britain Great Again under the leadership of gimpy ginger midget Luke Nash-Jones decided to, in their own words, “ambush” Bookmarks socialist bookshop after their demo in support of fat lunatic Alex Jones outside the BBC. Pathetic scenes follow, with the cameraman picking up random books and getting bamboozled trying to think of reasons why they’re bad, before the whole lot of them get ushered gently out by the shopkeepers like the care-in-the-community cases they are. Absolute freaks! 😄original uploadeders title was “MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN INVADES COMMUNIST BOOKSTORE”

Edit to add: look out for Margate’s own David Coppin, confirmed fascist who kicks about with the South East Alliance and the Infidels. Yet this lot are going on about ‘anti-semitism’!

update: they’ve deleted the video off they’re channel”

Thinking I understood the problem, I wrote to Red London, pointing out that “they’re” choice of language was unhelpful and offensive to various comrades. I asked them to edit it. I expected them to respond positively, but their response was juvenile, unhelpful and depressing.

The irony of further alienating “gimpy, ginger, midget, fat and care in the community (sic)” comrades is apparently lost on them.

So anyway, having asked nicely, I decided to indulge my equally juvenile anarcho-pedantry and correct the post for them:


Hopefully this is just helpful and lulworthy enough to get us all back on track, fighting the fascists, together. With lulz and unity.

No comrades were harmed in the writing of this post.

All comments in solidarity.

PS: It occurs that now might be a good time to share that cool meme that Anarchist Federation edited and made even cooler.


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The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction, particularly as corporate power invests so much pretending that it isn’t really happening…

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The Occupied Sun

A Day of Peaceful Action Against Aviation Expansion

  • Saturday, 1st October 2016, HEATHROW AIRPORT
  • Family Friendly Flashmob
  • Critical Mass Bike Block

Tell UK Gov. Plc & their chums in the aviation industry to #StayGrounded.
In solidarity with local and international groups, and in defence of climate and social justice all over the world, Reclaim the Power and others are calling for safe and peaceful action against the aviation industry, with a family-friendly flashmob and critical mass bike bloc at Heathrow airport.



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Postcapitalism NOW!

What are left and right wing people? – A guide for under- 10-year olds

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Coke-addled former chancer of the exchequer, George Osborne is up first…
(right click and select “save image as.” to download).


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The UK’s premier tax exile, Phillip GreenTAXDISOBEYgreen

Which other tax dodging hate magnets would be good to include in this meme series?

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With the vision of a functioning democracy, sane economy and inclusive society, the Compassionate Revolution calls for rapid redistribution of wealth and power and a focus on the pressing issues of our age.

We are at our most powerful when we take action together, so Compassionate Revolution is a space where you can pledge collective acts of art, heart and civil disobedience.

Change happens when people collectively refuse a system that isn’t serving their interests.

Together we are irresistible!


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KINDNESS is RADICAL…don’t be a dick!

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In This Selfish, Greedy Consumerist World Basic Compassion Has Become Revolutionary

A very basic analysis of recent history suggests that simply ‘not being a dick’ has become revolutionary.

Compassionate Revolutionaries of all description are taking the lead, nurturing the greenshoots of postcapitalism.

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cr heart

UPDATE: Very chuffed to hear that this video has been nominated for best campaign film in the Stroud TV Community awards!