Wishlist 2016

This is a list of all the stuff wot I need to be more productive and of what your contributions have gone towards this year.

If you can help out with any of this lot I would be eternally grateful.

Infinite thanks to everybody who has made a contribution towards getting this stuff together – I’ve put a line through the things that I’ve acquired through you good people’s generosity this year.


  • More Ideas – collaborators for betterer creative content.
  • Sponsorship – not all people with money are scumbags
  • More distributors. (Followers/subscribers/likers/sharers/propagators of the good word from Ann Narkeh Media).


  • More powerful, faster, quieter laptop (that isn’t falling to bits).
  • Spare batteries for laptop/portable charge.
  • Better (faster) video editing software – Camtasia ideally…will approach them for sponsorship I guess…
  • Solar panels
  • Leisure battery/inverter
  • Biolite stove
  • Water filter
  • New battery & screen for Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone (or replace? it’s already been reconditioned once and is pretty nackered…)
  • USB cables for smartphone
  • Portable 12v USB power packs



I’d also like to invest in;

Register the domain name for this website: To get rid of the wordpress.com bit in the url. One year – £22  Hooray! I thiiink the adverts have gone too!

WordPress premium plan: To  get rid of the adverts (still not sure if the adverts are gone – please ping me if you see one), to be able to host videos, to increase storage capacity and to unlock site customisation.

One year premium – £85


GiffGaff Data/Airtime

So I can broadcast live anytime.

One year 12X £20 giffgaff unlimited airtime goody bags – £240
(when I’ve had airtime this year, it has been by virtue of your contributions, thankyoo!)


Between £5 and £10 per day X 365 days – £1825 – £3650
It’s been a real struggle to stay productive at times, particularly when sanctioned – but I’m getting £140 ESA a fortnight and am starting to get back on top of my finances a bit now. 


So I can have a place to work from and to sleep in without having to rely on friends and family’s generosity.

£500 – £1k per month X 12 months – £6k-£12k…(though to be honest if someone actually gave me that much I’d probably invest in/save it to  buy some land…with residential planning…)