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Get to TRIDENT PLOUGHSHARES month long blockade of #AWE nuclear weapons factory in #Burghfield. Grand finale this Thursday 30th June – Trident is a RED LINE!







While You Were Hypnotised by the EU ReferendumB…

I’ve deliberately stayed right out of the EU neverendum ‘debate’ because I recognised it’s apocalyptically divisive potential when it was first announced.

Slowly but surely, it has been taking over my newsfeeds ever since. The 1% media has broken new lows for xenophobic fear mongering. Jo Cox MP has been murdered by a Britain First Terrorist. Windows with referendum posters have been smashed.

The ‘mass debates’ have been absolute bollocks. An all encompassing smokescreen, distracting everybody from the fact that the world is burning while dividing us so we can’t take action together. Bez from the Happy Mondays agrees with me on this, but I feel we might be in a tiny minority…

I’m intending to post this blog after the polls close at 10pm this evening. There’s no point posting anything non-EU related before then. Almost nobody would read it, because almost everybody’s become an obsessive EU expert, interested only by data which either validates their perspective, or which invalidates their opponents’.

For example, I shared ONE spoof The S*n front page by @TechnicallyRon which was marginally pro-remain, and the reach for The Occupied Sun on fedbook suddenly hit 1.1 million.

It was liked and shared thousands of times. Hundreds of comments – heated ‘debate’…

beleave screengrab

All other posts, like those about the ongoing month of action against Trident, blockading the AWE Burghfield nuclear weapons factory have barely reached tens let alone hundreds and gathered very few likes or shares, if any…

I could have switched gears and milked the ‘BREXIT/BREMAIN’ phenomenon to gather more ‘likes’ and ‘build my audience’ but I think it’s been absolutely pathetic to be brutally honest with you. The last few months have depressed the living shit out of me.

Almost everybody’s psychology seems to have been hijacked by the 1%’s bullshit narratives. It has honestly felt like a zombie apocalypse.

I’ve mostly been trying to stay offline, away from everybody, keeping quiet about my thoughts and feelings on it all, because there was literally no point trying to communicate with any of you fuckers until now(ish).

Ultimately, I have to respect everybody’s right to engage with this charade, even if they cannot respect my right to flick the finger at it all.

I didn’t register to vote, because I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

If it were a vote on something substantial like say, fracking, trident or bombing the crap out of other countries, I might have considered participating in it. If it were a routine, regular opt-in parliament of the people, organised democratically using digital technology, or organically on the streets, I might have been interested.

However, this EU debate has never been about ‘giving the people of the UK a democratic choice’ it’s been carefully scripted theatre from start to finish. Fearmongering on a mass scale. Almost everybody I know is only voting because they’re absolutely terrified, for one set of reasons or another. Very little of the debates have had anything at all to do with reality.

As I’m doing the last read through of this, reports are coming in that a bloke’s just been stabbed outside a polling booth in Huddersfield. 

If ‘voting’ actually changed anything substantial, they’d make it illegal.

If we had a real democracy, corporate lobbyists would be illegal as would a host of other unethical, yet standard parliamentary practices.

If the 1% don’t like the results tomorrow, they will work around them, or change them. Whatever the results are, desperate homeless men, women and children will still be dying on our streets; in this country, in the EU and all around the world.

So. The following list is a recap of some other, infinitely more significant happenings which seem to have been drowned out by all the referendumB noise over the last month.

It could be that people just don’t want to engage with the actual state of the world today. It is pretty fucked. I suppose it’s easier for some people to just have the prescribed debate than face reality…

Personally, I can’t pretend to be interested in whether or not Michael Gove leaves government. I can’t pretend that we aren’t living through multiple converging global crises. War. Extreme weather events worldwide. Civil unrest. Fracking. Industrial scale pollution. Rising sea levels, flooding and loss of whole island nations. Extreme poverty. Extreme decadence. Hypnotic mass entertainment ‘culture’…

I would rather face these realities than suffer the indignity of cognitive dissonance and ‘oh dearism’, – living in fear of the known and the unknown.

Old White Patriarchy + End of Empire = Class War + Genocide + Ecocide

If you’d rather keep your head in the sand, stop reading now!

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HULK is Tina Rothery! #IamTinaRothery

Tomorrow (Friday 23rd June), anti-fracking nana, Tina Louise Rothery will be in court facing a £55k fine from the terrorist fracking corporation, Cuadrilla. There will be a twitterstorm to let the fracking industry know that if you frack with one of us, you frack with all of us.

HULK joins people all over the world who have been posting selfies with the hashtag #IamTinaRothery to express solidarity with the legendary nana-in-chief.


FAO: CUADRILLA #IAmTinaRothery We Are ALL Tina Rothery

The Occupied Sun

FAO: CUADRILLA #IAmTinaRothery We Are ALL Tina Rothery

You frack with one of us, you frack with ALL of us.


Prominent anti-fracking nana, Tina-Louise Rothery is being financially terrorised by fracking monster Cuadrilla, who are attempting to prosecute her to the tune of £55k.

twitterstorm this Friday, 24th June. #IAmTinaRothery

OS_WeAreAllTinaIf you haven’t heard about what’s been happening on the front lines of the deep green resistance, you might want to check out the Alternative Media List, for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.

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