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The UK’s ‘free’ press routinely smear the most progressive Labour Party leader in a generation; The sanest political party in the country are branded ‘terrorists’, arrested and spied on. There is a massive elephant in the house of commons debating chamber. 

This isn’t a Democracy anymore. It’s a Circus.OS_DEMOCKRACY.png


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People across the globe have accepted Nuit Debout‘s invitation to join a Global Debout this May 15th, 2016.


Could One Crap Meme Stop the #GlobalDebout?

Imagine my shock when I logged into the Occupied Sun‘s twitter account today to a notification declaring Nuit Debout is finished – over, dead and buried!

The post was replete with the hashtag ‘Nuit Debout RIP’ and a meme of a gravestone. For all of 10 seconds I was mortified.

I’ll just let the conversation which followed speak for itself:


So in summary: no, of course one crap meme can’t stop the #GlobalDebout!


#GlobalDebout #15M #NuitDeboutLondon – UK #NightAssembly Updates.

A small but perfectly formed crew have been hosting Night Assemblies opposite Downing St at 7pm each and every consecutive evening since the massive #ToriesOut #ResignCameron demo on the 16th of April. That demo was attended by 150, 000 people according to some sources. Virtually every campaigning group I’m aware of was in attendance – as we are today for the #JuniorDoctorsStrike.

Occupy News Network and others have been livestreaming the London night assemblies, which have been called under the auspices of Nuit Debout – the movement which began in Paris on the 31st March and is currently spreading throughout Europe.

The worst thing about censorship is ████…

If you haven’t heard about Nuit Debout yet, it’s because there has been very little coverage from our corporate zombie media. Given the parlous state of Orwellian Britain, it is not unimaginable that the story has been D-Noticed by our secret rulers. (Which means it’s probs quite good lulz…). 😀

If you’re not up to speed on what’s been going on, a wikipedia page has been created with some good links to get you started.

The Nuit Debout Londoners have been meeting and networking, sharing information and ideas, hosting peoples banquets, open mics and using chalk to transform the streets of Westmonster into the ‘Pavement of Truth’.

pavement of truth

They have also been organising online with supporters around the country and internationally,  via their fedbook page. Several working groups have been formed and are getting on with it – there is talk of a website in the works and translations of international statements are forthcoming. Delegates have been nominated to attend the international conference in Paris, 7-8th May.

For me, one of the most exciting things about Nuit Debout is the debate it has restimulated around the problem of ‘identity politics’. Much like Occupy, the Indignados and the 15M before it, this latest global wave of change is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to shed their old, divisive and tribalistic political identities. To unite in common cause and create new paradigms together.

Universal Solidarity.

Anonymous, Occupy,  Love Activists, Disabled People Against the Cuts, Paedophile Hunters London and Streets Kitchen are just some of the groups who have been down to the Night Assembly to express solidarity with the cause from day one.

Here’s an English language shoutout from Anonymous Video for the Global Debout on the 15th May:

To my eyes and ears, these global waves of change seem to be coming more and more frequently, like contractions.

Thinking about it almost makes me want to quote Arundhati Roy!

Several major UK cities have also started organising regular night assemblies – from Glasgow to Dublin, Manchester and Leeds. An international call has gone out for a #GlobalDebout on the 15th May, the anniversary of the #15M.

Why not have a look online to see if there is a Nuit Debout organising near you and volunteer some time and energy to help out? If there isn’t one already happening near you – why not start one?

I strongly encourage you to get involved. Time is short. Only together can we overcome the tyranny and injustice of neo-liberal capitalism.

The time for protest is over – it’s time for resistance.

Global Debout



Just as I was getting ready for bed in the early hours of this a.m. I had the misfortune of seeing today’s Daily Heil front page…
daily mail hunts
Understandably outraged, I’ve sat up into the early hours to correct it for them:

Please help distribute this corrected version far and wide. Let these fkrs know we stand with the doctors on strike tomorrow.

Keep our #NHS public!

#JuniorDoctorsStrike #Solidarity

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How Can We Reclaim Our Country’s DEMOCRACY From DICTATORSHIP? #TAXDISOBEY [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun

The Golden Rule: Those with The Gold Make The Rules…

Let’s turn that upside down.


Read more about the Golden Rule Tax Rebellion and take part at


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Check out the Alternative Media List for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.

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Why Should We Pay Tax If the 1% Don’t? #TaxDisobey

The Daily Wail #TaxDisobey

The Golden Rule: Tax Rebellion Works!

It’s not about left and right anymore. it’s about right and wrong. It’s not about ancient dogmatic party politics. It’s about hierarchy. Top and bottom. It’s not about Dodgy Dave, it’s about justice.

The Golden Rule Tax Disobedience Initiative asks UK citizens to withhold a small amount of tax (through VAT or their tax return – everyone can join in) and the donate this to useful campaigns.

Principled tax activism has a long and distinguished history in circumstances where the state has shown itself to be incapable of defending the public interest. Read more and get involved at


To Save Our Planet, We Need a COMPASSIONATE REVOLUTION!!! [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun

With the vision of a functioning democracy, sane economy and inclusive society, the Compassionate Revolution calls for rapid redistribution of wealth and power and a focus on the pressing issues of our age.

We are at our most powerful when we take action together, so Compassionate Revolution is a space where you can pledge collective acts of art, heart and civil disobedience.

Change happens when people collectively refuse a system that isn’t serving their interests.

Together we are irresistible!


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Something’s Wrong. What is #NuitDebout, and Why Haven’t I Heard About It?

The whole playground’s been ganging up on dodgy Dave for the last week or so.

Thousands of people participated in a mass demonstration which shut Downing St.

Demos were held in city squares all over the country.

People announced they would stay until Cameron leaves – everybody left, unfortunately…a phat soundsystem dropped some banging drum and bass and some demonstrators were apparently attacked by the police on Parliament Square (again). I couldn’t bring myself to watch the footage of that.

I should be pleased that everybody’s getting off their arse and doing stuff – but I’m not.

Twitter has been on Dave’s case since #ResignCameron started trending a week ago. I made a couple of The Occupied Sun front pages to support the call out and to suggest that getting rid of the Tories might be more productive than just getting rid of Dave…







The #ResignCameron hashtag vanished quite quickly, but soon returned as #ResignDavidCameron.

#CurseDavidCameron has just started trending. I should be participating in the fun, gleefully composing witty tweets and designing more Occupied Sun front pages, but I’m not. Why?

Something’s wrong.

The Panama papers aren’t really that much of a revelation – but they have placed an unbearably hot potato in Westmonster – where they really are all in it together.

Channel 4 recently asked 20 odd UK politicians whether they had offshore interests – with predictable results. (4 said they didn’t, the rest wouldn’t say).

But everybody is still focused on Dave.

Dave his effectively become a hate magnet. A sacrificial lightning rod for the nation’s anger, which should rightly be directed at the whole rotten system. Getting rid of Dave will accomplish sweet fk all in the bigger scheme of things. To be brutally honest, getting rid of the Tories won’t either (though many of my ‘left’ leaning friends don’t want to engage with this sad truth).

od olsx

All that would really change if we get shot of #DodgyDave and the Tories is instead of Jeremy Corbyn asking the PM uncomfortable questions, he will be answering uncomfortable questions. Questions like “does Parliament actually have any real power anymore”?

It would be an improvement, for sure, so Corbyn is worth fighting for (or with).

However, even a Corbyn Government would not be able to reverse the rapidly deteriorating state of the UK, the EU and the global economies. Make no mistake – the rolling ‘financial crises’ of the last 8 years are the death spiral of capitalism and economics as know it.

David Cameron is the first British Prime Minister whose background wasn’t in law, or sociology, or politics. Dave is a spindoctor. Knowing this, the last few days starts to look less like a popular uprising against the PM and more like the elaborate swan song of a PR man, who recently realised that the pitchforks and guillotines are coming.

Calls for Cameron’s resignation have drawn a lot of the energy that was building for a General Strike on the 4th July. #GS4July.

What else might we be being distracted from?

NuitDebout – ‘Rise Up At Night’ – #OccupyTheNight

Dave’s financials are all anybody’s talked about for the past week – meanwhile, in France (and rapidly spreading throughout Europe), hundreds of city squares have been occupied as the ‘Nuit De Bout‘ movement has kicked off.

Nuit De Bout roughly translates into ‘Rise Up at Night’ – which, it seems, is exactly what people have been doing. On consecutive nights. For over week. And despite being plugged into as many activist channels as I can find, I’ve heard precisely fk all about it, because of all the noise about whether ‘call me dave’ will resign…

Since March 31st, the nocturnal occupations have spread across France to Spain, Belgium and other European countries.


I think it’s fair to say I’m not alone. A lot of us have been successfully distracted from these important developments – I’m off to read up a bit more on what’s been happening. – it sounds much more interesting than how wealthy Dave is, and whether or not the backlash against him is ‘the politics of envy’ or not…

It’s not, by the way.

The next mass demo against #DodgyDave / The Tories / Austerity is this Saturday. The night before, it’s Anonymous #OpSafe march with the homeless (global).

Let’s hope we see a few squats getting cracked and tents going up.


March With The Homeless 2016: Placards

March with The Homeless is this Friday, 15th April, worldwide.

In Brighton, the Anonymous Opsafe crew have organised the march for this Saturday, 16th April, (meet 11am, Old Steine).

Love Activists Brighton asked me to put together some placards for the march:

  • #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets
  • #MarchWithTheHomeless
  • #SolidarityNotCharity
  • #HomesNotBanks
  • #HomesNotBombs
  • #HomesNotHandcuffs