What are left and right wing people? – A guide for under- 10-year olds.

Right wing and left wing people are people who like one wing or the other so much they forget that both wings belong to the same bird.

The bird shits on everyone, because the right wing people and the left wing people are too busy arguing with each other to notice.

Cognitive Dissonance

People who identify as either ‘left wing’ or ‘right wing’ usually have what’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’, which means they pretend to themselves that they can influence the system by arguing with each other and that our world isn’t really ruled by massive, unaccountable transnational corporations and banks.

Sometimes, a right wing person will freely accept this truth – they think it’s a good thing.

Right wing people want to keep things how they are because they are mostly very rich and want to stay that way. They lie about this a lot, because they know the proles would rise up and kill them if they all told the truth. This is the root of right wing people’s cognitive dissonance.

Most left wing people also accept how we are ruled by banks and mega corporations – they think it’s a bad thing.

Left wing people will talk about ‘changing the system from within’, because they believe that they can stop ‘the bird’ (so called ‘neoliberal’ global capitalism) eating so much and shitting on everyone that way. This is the root of left wing people’s cognitive dissonance.

Both left and right wing people basically argue a lot, about things which transnational banks and corporations decide. The media tells left and right wing people to hate each other and fight about things which ultimately they have little, or no control over, because they are spending all their time fighting with each other.

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