What are left and right wing people? – A guide for under- 10-year olds.

Right wing and left wing people are people who like one wing or the other so much they forget that both wings belong to the same bird.

The bird shits on everyone, because the right wing people and the left wing people are too busy arguing with each other to notice.

Cognitive Dissonance

People who identify as either ‘left wing’ or ‘right wing’ usually have what’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’, which means they pretend to themselves that they can influence the system by arguing with each other and that our world isn’t really ruled by massive, unaccountable transnational corporations and banks.

Sometimes, a right wing person will freely accept this truth – they think it’s a good thing.

Right wing people want to keep things how they are because they are mostly very rich and want to stay that way. They lie about this a lot, because they know the proles would rise up and kill them if they all told the truth. This is the root of right wing people’s cognitive dissonance.

Most left wing people also accept how we are ruled by banks and mega corporations – they think it’s a bad thing.

Left wing people will talk about ‘changing the system from within’, because they believe that they can stop ‘the bird’ (so called ‘neoliberal’ global capitalism) eating so much and shitting on everyone that way. This is the root of left wing people’s cognitive dissonance.

Both left and right wing people basically argue a lot, about things which transnational banks and corporations decide. The media tells left and right wing people to hate each other and fight about things which ultimately they have little, or no control over, because they are spending all their time fighting with each other.

#GS4JULY – Banners to Support the General Strike – UPDATED

Social media banners to support the General Strike Actions, being planned all over the country for July 4th.

fedbook proportions






Twitter proportionsGS4JULYBannertwitter1






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More to come…


The Occupied Argus

The Met Office has issued a Severe Weather Warning across the Sussex coast for today, Saturday 26th March and this Bank Holiday Monday. Wind speeds today are 60mph.

It is expected to ease off a little on Sunday, though by Tuesday, they are expected to reach 70mph.

Love Activists Brighton contacted the relevant authorities to find out whether the emergency shelters would be opened up, to discover that apparently they are not.


This is not OK.

Do whatever you can to let our elected representatives know that this is not OK. Take direct action.

March With the Homeless in Brighton this April 16th.

Meet 11am, Old Steine

#OpSafe – #SolidarityNotCharity – #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets

Lo-fi Brandals Take Down Notts Council’s Shitty Adverts

upinsmoke4Last week, Nottingham City Council released an extremely offensive series of adverts, discouraging the general public from giving money to beggars.


The adverts demonised beggars as alcoholics, drug addicts and frauds.

The story caused enough outrage for the Huffington Post to write about them.

Since then, some creative people have taken the initiative to brandalise the adverts, thus;

Latest reports from Nottingham Beggar’s Union suggest the council have since removed four of the offending adverts.

Well done Nottingham for taking a stand against this inhuman propaganda!

Join calls for a General Strike to end this bullshit! 4th July 2016 – Inter-dependence Day!

IPSO Slaps Down The S*n, FOUR MONTHS After The Fact

The grauniad reports today that the S*n ‘newspaper’ has been ordered by IPSO, (the Independent Press Standards Organisation) to admit that their “1 in 5 British Muslims” story from November last year was ‘significantly misleading’.

4 months after the fact.

Slow clap for IPSO.

” But, while Ipso upheld the complaint it investigated, the paper was spared having to print notice of the adjudication on its front page. The watchdog said the newspaper had agreed to publish the notice on page two of Saturday’s edition, having been ordered to place it no further back than page five. “

Murdoch must be quaking in his boots…(sic)

Here’s The S*n’s offensive front page and The Occupied Sun‘s corrected version:









Check out the Alternative Media List for better sources of information than the malign 1% media monopoly.

80+ recommendations for more interesting, useful, credible, relevant and reliable sources:



The Occupied Sun
If the unions won’t do it, we will!


#GS4July #GeneralStrike


Tories Out

GS4July fedbook banners

There are fedbook pages set up for actions around the country. Here’s one of them:


FEEL SAFE!? #TheyDontMakeUsSafer


Wednesday 9th March, 5pm, outside the Home Office

Much love to special patrol and all the brandals who helped make these memes appear in bus shelters across London today:


Copied from the fedbook event page:

Join a mass demonstration outside the Home Office to demand an end to their secretive ‘Security and Policing 2016’ event happening this March in Farnborough.

We’ll start at 5pm sharp to make sure we are there when Home Office staff are leaving for the day. We’ll be sharing stories of state repression and militarised policing from people who have been impacted in different ways. At 5.45pm we will have a vigil and lay candles and symbols in tribute to victims of state repression and militarised policing.

Confirmed speakers (will be updated):
– London Mexico Solidarity: the UK’s role in arming Mexico and the disappeared students of Ayotzinapa
– Bahraini survivor of torture and detention

About ‘Security and Policing 2016′

Behind closed doors, the Home Office is hosting a three day shopping spree. Governments, police forces and military delegations from around the world can buy all the necessary equipment to support violent militarised policing, aggressive border controls and oppressive surveillance operations.

Organised far from London, it provides a “discreet environment” for hundreds of companies who want to “display products which would be too sensitive to show in a more open environment”. Companies such as Serco who make a fat profit from the inhumane detention of thousands of refugees in centres like Yarls Wood; or weapons companies like BAE systems whose business is dependent on human suffering and continuous wars.

The heavy policing of borders, militarisation of police, increased surveillance of civilians and high military spending do not improve security and they do not make any of us safer.

They make the world a more dangerous place and we need to resist all of it.


Organising groups:
Stop the Arms Fair
Network for Police Monitoring
Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants
Campaign Against Arms Trade