the council's response to the proposals was far warmer than could have been anticipated.


Love Activists Meet The Council

I'll be livestreaming from outside Brighton Town Hall today with Love Activists Brighton, who will be delivering their petition in support of the Solution Based Proposals to End Homelessness to the full council meeting. The council will hear the Love Activists for 3 minutes and debate the proposals for 15 minutes. People will be gathering… Continue reading Love Activists Meet The Council

#HomesNotHandcuffs Interviews: 20/1/16

I livestreamed from Love Activists' #HomesNotHandcuffs demo outside Brighton Law Courts yesterday, 20/1/16. There was a good turnout and a warm reception from the public and passing motorists who were encouraged to honk their horns in solidarity with the homeless. Love Activists Brighton gathered another 50 signatures in support of the Solution Based Proposals to… Continue reading #HomesNotHandcuffs Interviews: 20/1/16

#HomesNotHandcuffs Love Activists Brighton – Arty Stuff

I helped design some more placards for Love Activists Brighton's demo against the criminalisation of homelessness and begging, which I'll be livestreaming from 12-3pm today. I made this fedbook banner to promote the twitterstorm: I devised and scheduled 50 unique posts from the Love Activists Brighton fedbook page, which is linked to their twitter account. I… Continue reading #HomesNotHandcuffs Love Activists Brighton – Arty Stuff

We Can’t Ignore the Homelessness Crisis Anymore

Personal Blog: 16-1-16 #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets Late last night, I was walking along on the phone with a friend who was worried about a homeless comrade who's been having suicidal thoughts. Talking and walking, I passed a bloke dead or dying on the pavement. A man and a woman had stopped to help him. She was calling an… Continue reading We Can’t Ignore the Homelessness Crisis Anymore

HOMES NOT HANDCUFFS: Stop Criminalising Homelessness and Begging

PRESS RELEASE by LOVE ACTIVISTS BRIGHTON Public Demonstration Wednesday 20th January, 12-3pm Outside Brighton Magistrate's Courts, Edward Street, Brighton, BN2 0LG CRIMINALISED FOR BEGGING Increasing numbers of homeless people are being arrested for begging in our city and around the country under the archaic Vagrancy Act 1824: [1] In 2013-14, 2771 people were arrested and prosecuted… Continue reading HOMES NOT HANDCUFFS: Stop Criminalising Homelessness and Begging

HOMES NOT BOMBS – Reflections on BHCC Homeless Summit

By ANN NARKEH It would be too easy to just slag off Brighton & Hove City Council's (BHCC) recent homeless summit and consultation, so I'm going to do my best to resist that natural impulse, but I'm not going to hold back my criticisms of it. The summit was hosted by BHCC last Friday 4th… Continue reading HOMES NOT BOMBS – Reflections on BHCC Homeless Summit

SOLIDARITY NOT CHARITY: Let’s Get Real About Homelessness.

Yet another young homeless bloke has died on the streets of Brighton. Casey was a colourful character. I got to know him while volunteering at the Love Activist street kitchen and at the homeless unity camp. Often wearing a onesie, often off his head on various substances, affable, lively, full of fun and life. Casey… Continue reading SOLIDARITY NOT CHARITY: Let’s Get Real About Homelessness.