Personal blog: NYE: 31/12/2015 So, I've been sanctioned. Mid November 2015, The Department for Work and Pensions via their plausibly deniable proxy, Pinnacle People had tried to put me on Mandatory Work Activity (or 'MWA' the latest name for workfare, the slave labour programme). They wanted me to work four, thirty hour weeks for my Job… Continue reading Happy New Year, YOU’RE SANCTIONED!


Occupy Rupert Murdoch

Occupy The Media Billionaires was formed during Occupy Democracy's tarpaulin revolution in October 2014. A 'D-Notice' had apparently been ordered, so the most newsworthy events were being censored. There was precious little coverage of what was happening in Parliament Square. What coverage there was omitted the most compelling aspects; the demands we were making; the… Continue reading Occupy Rupert Murdoch

Video Editing

I've been developing my video editing skills recently. Here are some of my favourites from 2015; Angry Band TERRORISTS [Music Video] The Occupied Sun Who Owns the UK Media? [Special Report] Love Activists Brighton Solution Based Proposals to End Homelessness [Campaign Video] Occupy Democracy Occupy The Arms Fair [Campaign Video + Reports] Compassionate Revolution Sick… Continue reading Video Editing

Occupy The Arms Fair

I was approached by some fellow occupiers from Occupy Democracy to help out with the back office for Occupy The Arms Fair. Campaign Against The Arms Trade and Stop The Arms Fair had organised a week of action to blockade the Excel centre, which played host to DSEI, the world's largest arms fair in September.… Continue reading Occupy The Arms Fair

Technical [Freeware for Digital Creatives]

UPDATED 29.10.18 For anybody that's interested in what kit I'm using, or who just wants to find FREE tools to express themselves with. I'm immeasurably grateful to all the open source, freeware developers and communities for providing all the FREE tools I use. Much respect to you all. These days, I'm using a laptop which… Continue reading Technical [Freeware for Digital Creatives]