Personal blog: NYE: 31/12/2015

So, I’ve been sanctioned.

Mid November 2015, The Department for Work and Pensions via their plausibly deniable proxy, Pinnacle People had tried to put me on Mandatory Work Activity (or ‘MWA’ the latest name for workfare, the slave labour programme). They wanted me to work four, thirty hour weeks for my Job Seeker’s Allowance payment of £70pw. Or 120 hours, for £280. £4 per hour. The workplace was 14 miles away in Lancing, at a (taxpayer subsidised) cost of £45pw. I didn’t have the means to stump up the initial travel costs, so I would have had to walk there and back, 14 miles.

I refused to accept this ‘Mandatory Opportunity’ on the grounds that it would detrimentally impact my physical, mental and emotional health.

I discussed my rationale for refusing over the telephone and in person with various DWP staff. I discussed it at length with my Jobsearch Advisor and with the manager of my local Job Centre at my next signing appointment.

My dole was paid in that week, however I received a letter, explaining that I would be sanctioned if I could not provide in writing a reasonable explanation for my ‘failure to attend’. I wrote back. I briefly explained my rationale for refusing the ‘Mandatory Opportunity’, I referred to my previous conversations with my Jobsearch advisor and with the manager of the job Centre. I pointed out how on the 25th November, UK Gov Plc had quietly scrapped the MWA, on page 89 of George Osborne’s spending review.

I said I would be more than happy to expand further on my rationale, but must insist that I am remunerated for the time this is taking away from my job search. I attached an invoice for time spent already and for ‘a creative writing project’ to the email.

My next dole payment, due December 29th did not come through. I contacted my local Jobcentre and they confirmed that I have been sanctioned until March 2016.

Happy new year!

I’m going to fight the sanction, obviously. Not sure exactly how yet, but doubtless I’ll be blogging and vlogging about it. I have an appointment booked for Monday, 4th January to try to get a ‘hardship payment’ (40-60% of the dole).

If you want to commission me for some work, or if you’re able to make a small donation to help me eat over the next three months, please use this bespoke paypal button.  Cheers.

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Occupy Rupert Murdoch

Occupy The Media Billionaires was formed during Occupy Democracy’s tarpaulin revolution in October 2014.

A ‘D-Notice’ had apparently been ordered, so the most newsworthy events were being censored. There was precious little coverage of what was happening in Parliament Square. What coverage there was omitted the most compelling aspects; the demands we were making; the state’s thuggish overreaction; the sheer numbers of supporters.

The precious little coverage there was focused on the celebrity supporters, rather than what it was they were supporting.

Donnachadh McCarthy had pointed out how just FIVE billionaires own 80% of UK media. You can read more about this and the other pillars of the prostitute state in Donnachadh’s book, The Prostitute State.


Occupy The Media Billionaires identified Rupert Murdoch as a prime example of the UK’s corrupt media monopoly.

Murdoch is one of, if not the largest fish in the pond and one of the most persistently pernicious. It is difficult to express how vast his empire is, or how deeply toxic and divisive his influence.

Suffice to say, it made sense to have a go at him first. We occupied News UK headquarters at the mini-shard, near London Bridge, March 23-29th.


It was an action packed week, which started with us serving an arrest warrant on Murdoch and culminated in a show trial. (He was found guilty but sentenced to unconditional love, or somesuch).


We were joined by a variety of politicians, activists, trade unionists and celebrities.

Drift Report did this TREWS episode to plug it:

Dirty rock band, Shock ! Hazard brought their whole backline down with a generator and performed for us…TWICE! We had a moshpit outside News HQ!

I designed doublesided print copies of The Occupied Sun which were plastered all over London:









Throughout the week’s occupation, we were only heckled once. A substantial number of us had undertaken Gandhian training in our preparations so there was little to no violence, in word or deed, by police or protesters.

The week of action got a ton of press coverage from both 1% media and alternative media (though understandably little to none from Newscorp and it’s subsidiaries…).

Since Occupy Rupert Murdoch week, Occupy The Media Billionaires have gone on to stage a Climate Crisis vigil, Occupying the Daily Mail’s headquarters, lobbying for meaningful, honest reportage of the unfolding ecological catastrophes. This lead to a meeting between the Daily Mail’s editor and Natalie Bennett to discuss the issue.

Sick of e-petitions? [VIDEO]


Are you sick of signing e-petitions?

Pledge collective acts of art, heart, and civil disobedience to enable a Compassionate Revolution through the collective will of People Power!

“to assert the voices of ordinary people in a functioning democracy; rapidly and peacefully redistribute wealth & power; and focus on the pressing issues of our age”

cr heart


UPDATE: Very chuffed to hear that this video has been nominated for best campaign film in the Stroud TV Community awards!


Video Editing

I’ve been developing my video editing skills recently. Here are some of my favourites from 2015;

Angry Band

TERRORISTS [Music Video]

The Occupied Sun

Who Owns the UK Media? [Special Report]

Love Activists Brighton Solution Based Proposals to End Homelessness [Campaign Video]

Occupy Democracy

Occupy The Arms Fair [Campaign Video + Reports]

Compassionate Revolution

Sick of e-petitions? [Campaign Video]



Occupy The Arms Fair

I was approached by some fellow occupiers from Occupy Democracy to help out with the back office for Occupy The Arms Fair.

Campaign Against The Arms Trade and Stop The Arms Fair had organised a week of action to blockade the Excel centre, which played host to DSEI, the world’s largest arms fair in September.

The actions were supported by a great many individuals and campaign groups. Occupy Democracy maintained a 24/7 presence at the barricades.

I created the fedbook banner above and produced this short promotional video:

I also made this ‘Lord of War’ spoof poster:


I collaborated with Tarpaulin Simon and Obi from Occupy News Network to download, edit and produce video updates from their livestreams of the occupation.

In total, I put together 27 videos that week and got my production time down to under an hour from downloading the live broadcast to uploading the edited clips. There were a couple of very minor mistakes with the editing, but overall I’m very proud of them.

I also produced and published a unique The Occupied Sun front page for each day of the occupation;





OSendthismadness  OSArms2Renewables


Adverts – Memes

I created quite a few adverts and memes in 2015.

Here are some of my favourites;

General Election 2015

PAGE3electionspecialod olsx


#GreenParty – Green memes

Despite our broken electoral system, I admire the Green Party of England and Wales and support their efforts to unfuck the UK and the world.


Green SurgeThe Usual Suspects master

Much respect to Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Mhairi Black and Caroline Lucas – some of the last few Jedi in Westmonster:

stop wars

 #StandUpToRacism – UPRICK





Shock!Hazard #BURNTHESUNburnthesun



Climate Crisis Vigil



Bark Lies

Move Your MoneyPositive Money








I can be quite good at creative writing, from tweets to full articles, scripts and press releases.

Here are a couple of longish articles I wrote recently:

It’s bleak, but…

Homes Not Bombs

More examples of my writing can be found at dailywail.co.uk and on this website.

I write virtually all of The Occupied Sun headline articles and the scripts for the video reports.

More often than not, I will collaborate on editing contributions from other authors and presenters, including; Donnachadh McCarthy, Tarpaulin Simon, Danny & Mouse (Love Activists), Obi (Occupy News Network) and many more.

I love writing in collaboration with other people online using titanpad, which is particularly good for brainstorming and for writing press releases.

I can also compose a half decent tweet.



Ann Narkeh is an artivist; activist, artist, post satirist and citizen journalist who livestreams interesting things and creates original stuff;  writing, brandalism, video and music, using virtually all freeware, digital tools you can download and use yourself for FREE!

giphy (8)

ALL Ann Narkeh’s stuff is offered to the interwebz for FREE! Likes, shares, comments and contributions are very much appreciated, thankyou!




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The Occupied Sun

The Occupied Sun is Ann Narkeh Media’s contribution to Occupy The Media Billionaires, who are a working group of Occupy Democracy. Occupy Democracy are focused on radical, democratic reform, Occupy the Media Billionaires are focused on fighting the scandalous, undemocratic 1% media monopoly which prevents the necessary national discussions for such reform.

80% of UK Media is Owned by Just 5 Billionaires!

Ann Narkeh co-founded Occupy the Media Billionaires in October 2014 during the Tarpaulin Revolution in Parliament Square. The first ‘front page’ was produced in collaboration with the rest of the group and published on fedbook, January 1st, 2015.

OS_War Criminal

There are now over 101 Issues of The Occupied Sun.

In March 2015, we occupied Rupert Murdoch’s News UK headquarters for a solid week of activities and speakers. We distributed several thousand of these double sided special editions (printed on recycled paper):
OS wraparound

Various celebrities visited us, including Comrade Russell Brand who posed with a copy:

Throughout 2015,  we created dozens of front pages and advertisements for social, economic and environmental justice and published them on social media, where they have been well received.OS5in5

There is a Bored Room (sic) for anybody who wants to join the Occupied Sun’s Bored of Directors – (to share censored news items, to criticise or to collaborate on producing more stuff).

The Occupied Sun is also on twitter and has produced some video reports on youtube, in collaboration with Occupy News Network.

What IS the Occupied Sun?

Headline Reports

The 1% Media Watch


Technical [List of Freeware for Digital Creatives]

UPDATED 3.8.18

For anybody that’s interested in what kit I’m using, or who just wants to find FREE tools to express themselves with.

I’m immeasurably grateful to all the open source, freeware developers and communities for providing all the FREE tools I use.

Much respect to you all.

These days, I’m using a laptop which a generous comrade gifted me, using Windows, Android and Linux Ubuntu.

Graphic Design/Image Editing


pixler is a FREE basic image editor that runs from your browser (no need to install).




I’m mostly using GIMP at the moment.

GIMP is a much more powerful, FREE open source image editor.


1001 free fonts is an excellent resource, with over 30, 000 FREE custom fonts.

Giphy is another cool tool which runs from your browser. I’ve been using it to learn how to make .gifs (web animations) . Which is much fun.



I’m currently using kdenlive – which is FREE open source video editing software.


Previously, I was using a FREE month’s trial of camtasia, sadly that expired. Camtasia is excellent software, but unfortunately quite expensive to buy.

For sourcing, I refer mostly to wikimedia, the Prelinger archives, creative commons and of course, youtube.

I use the FREE 4k video downloader and YTD Video Downloader to rip video.



I was using an ancient, FREE trial of Cubase SX since 2003, with a bunch of FREE open source plugs and softsynths, but it’s too old to install on my current laptop, so I’m currently without a DAW. Opensource, freeware recommendations would be most welcome.

I was particularly fond of greenoaks’ FREE Crystal softsynth, which is/was awesome.

For voice synthesis, I’ve been using from text to speech , which is a FREE service which runs from your browser. It creates mp3s which don’t sound too lovely, but are workable once beefed up a bit.

Livestreaming Video

I used to stream quite regularly to my bambuser channel using the giffgaff network but their free community streaming service is sadly now offline. To their credit, I agree with their farewell statement in which they claimed to have accomplished their mission to bring live video technology to the mainstream. Well done team bambuser, thanks for everything you accomplished, I wish you well.

I’ve roadtested some of the contemporary free livestreaming services. Predictably facebook was the most reliable technically. Youtube also works but was much more glitchy. I haven’t properly tested twitter’s live service yet. Both facebook and youtube have a track record of redacting videos whereas bambuser had a track record of never having doing that. As far as I’m aware.


£20 buys you one month of unlimited data on a giffgaff no contract, pay as you go sim.

giffgaff offer monthly ‘goodybags’ from as little as a fiver and FREE calls and texts to other giffgaff phones, so long as you top up once every three months. If I was a breadhead I could be earning points to use as phone credit or cash out by plugging them but I’m not a breadhead…yet.

  • ALL Ann Narkeh’s doings are created and offered to the interwebz for FREE!
  • If you’re able, please consider making a contribution, thankyouplease.